How do guppies choose a mate?

How do guppies choose a mate?

Evolutionary biologists thought the female guppy always chooses her mate by his vibrant colors and swinging tail. But new research suggests that she may rely more on her nose when she can’t see who’s in the water. In the far end of the stem, a female was released and allowed to swim up to one of the males.

What would happen to brightly colored guppies placed in a stream with many predators?

What would happen to brightly colored guppies that wereplaced in a stream with many predators? They would not survive long and would have little to no chance of mating.

Why do some guppies tend to be drabber than others?

Why do some guppies tend to be drabber than others? Some guppies are drabber because this allows them to blend in with their environment and decreases the chances that they will be eaten by a predator. Natural selection favors guppies that are harder to spot.

What did an experiment with guppies show regarding natural selection by predation?

Second, Endler (1980 , 1983 ) has shown that an experimental addition of natural fish predators to artificial stream populations of guppies resulted in a gradual reduction in the number and size of color patches in adult males, on average, over only a few generations compared with control populations experiencing …

What are three examples of natural selection?

  • Deer Mouse.
  • Warrior Ants.
  • Peacocks.
  • Galapagos Finches.
  • Pesticide-resistant Insects.
  • Rat Snake. All rat snakes have similar diets, are excellent climbers and kill by constriction.
  • Peppered Moth. Many times a species is forced to make changes as a direct result of human progress.
  • 10 Examples of Natural Selection. « previous.

Why are male guppies so colorful?

So why only males get these vivid colours? Scientists now say that male guppies have chromosomes that only exchanges genes at their very tips. This means that colours are passed to males only and are inherited almost unchanged. It also means that these colours are not passed to female offspring.

What selection maintains color variation in the guppy?

The color patterns of male guppies are influenced by both sexual and natural selection (Endler 1978, 1983). Sexual selection (female mate choice) often (although not always) favors more colorful males (Houde 1987; Endler and Houde 1995; Brooks and Endler 2001).

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