How do I activate my O2 account?

How do I activate my O2 account?

You can activate your sim in five simple steps:

  1. Pop out the right size sim for your device, put it in and switch it on.
  2. Visit the Pay As You Go mobile broadband page.
  3. Enter your mobile broadband number and click sign in.
  4. Follow the instructions to register and activate your data.
  5. You’re ready to go.

Why can’t I log into my O2 account?

If you are having problems logging into the My O2 App, tap on Sign in help button and follow the options there. If you have recently changed your username to an email address at, the PIN you originally set up on the app won’t work. Log into the app with your new username and then reset your PIN.

How do I access my O2 email account?

How do I get to my O2 email?

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username and password to sign in.
  3. Click on ‘My O2’, at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the ‘O2 Webmail’ icon.

How do I contact O2 customer services?

020 8239 3902 when calling from within the UK….​For any other Pay Monthly questions, check our Pay Monthly help articles.​

Customer Service Number Charges
From your O2 mobile 202 Free
From a landline 0344 809 0202 Standard UK rate
From abroad +44 7860 980 202 Free†

How do I speak to an 02 advisor online?

Yes you can, once logged into My Account, Live chat is available from the bottom of the My Account home page. Just click on the ‘chat now’ button to start the conversation. Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch. It’s an online conversation with someone from O2.

How do I make a complaint to 02?

We’ll help you escalate your complaint or you can contact our Complaint Review Service directly by email or post. [email protected] Make sure you include your contact details and what you’d like us to do to resolve your complaint.

How do I send an email to 02?

You can usually create an email from your ‘Messaging’ inbox.

  1. Go into ‘Create a new message’.
  2. Select ‘Media’, ‘Picture’ or ‘MMS Message’.
  3. Type what you want to say – in the same way as you’d enter a text.
  4. Write the email address in the ‘To’ box or choose an email contact from your contacts list.
  5. Press ‘Send’.

Who is the CEO of 02?

Mark Evans (Aug 1, 2016–)

Can I email 02?

Unfortunately O2 withdrew email support quite some time ago which beggars belief from a communications company. The only ways of communicating with customer service are via the Contact us link.

Why is O2 not working?

If there’s no known issue, try manually resetting your device by: Turning your phone off and on. Making sure mobile data is turned on in your settings. Choosing the O2 network manually in your settings.

Where is O2 head office?

Slough, United Kingdom

Is O2 a Telefonica?

O2 (typeset as O2) is a global brand name owned by the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica. The company uses the O2 brand for its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Germany.

What does O2 stand for?

Acronym Definition
O2 Oxygen
O2 Object Oriented
O2 Optimization Level 2 (computer programming)
O2 Organized Naval Reserve Aviation (US Navy)

How do I get a refund on O2?

You can contact us to arrange a refund by calling 202 for free from your O2 mobile, or 03448090202 from a landline (charged at national rate). Your airtime account balance needs to be showing in credit before we can give you a refund.

Are O2 tickets refundable?

You will be entitled to a refund unless otherwise notified directly by your point of purchase. Your refund will be processed automatically by your point of purchase within 30 days of cancellation, or within such other timescales as are notified by your point of purchase.

Do you get your upfront cost back O2?

You’ll get a refund of any upfront cost you paid on the original order with 3-5 working days Annie. Have you received an email to confirm your new order has gone through okay? We want to help.

Can I return my phone after 14 days?

You can return most products within 14 days.

Do I have a 14 day cooling-off period with mobile contracts?

You can cancel the contract for free if you signed up less than 14 days ago over the phone or online. This is called a ‘cooling-off’ period. If you’ve already used the service (eg you made calls on a phone), you’re likely to be charged for what you’ve used.

Is iD Mobile any good?

iD Mobile is a robust, good value network. Its major strengths come from the low prices and the extras you get from the plans – whether that’s rolled over data or 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling. If any of those things are important to you it’s one of just a small number of suitable networks.

Can I send my contract phone back?

You have the right to cancel a service contract whenever you like. However, you will pay a penalty for contract cancellation. This penalty varies by the operator but is usually a percentage of the monthly bill multiplied by the number of months left in the contract.

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