How do I delete old yahoo questions?

How do I delete old yahoo questions?

Delete a question

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Answers.
  2. Open your question.
  3. Click Edit | select Delete question.
  4. Click Delete again to confirm.

What does digress mean Yahoo Answers?

But the dictionary says that digress, a verb, means “to stray off of something, to wander from a path, or to turn aside, etc.”.

What is I digress?

intransitive verb. : to turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument. Choose the Right Synonym But I Digress Example Sentences Learn More about digress.

What does gradual mean?

1 : moving, changing, or developing by fine or often imperceptible degrees. 2 : proceeding by steps or degrees. gradual.

What is an example of gradual change?

The definition of gradualism is the slow and gradual changes that happen within an organism or society to make a better environmental fit for animals and humans. An example of gradualism is the stripes of a tiger developing over time so they are better able to hide in tall grass.

What are gradual slopes?

Gradual can also apply to the gentle slope of landforms like hills. A gradual incline seems to slowly rise — you may not even realize you’re walking up such a hill. Gradual comes from the Latin word gradus, which means “step.” Step by step, a gradual hill climbs, while a steep hill seems to leap up into the air.

What is a gradual pace?

adj. 1 occurring, developing, moving, etc., in small stages. a gradual improvement in health.

What does stalled mean?

Stall means to stop or delay. If your car stalls, it comes to a stop. The word stall implies stopping something that will start again — a horse will leave the stall eventually and start moving, a stalled car can be restarted. Remember that when you’re thinking about stall in the sense of postpone or delay.

What is the opposite of gradual?

infrequent, abrupt, intermittent, sudden, uneven.

What does gradual mean when referring to a graph?

rising or descending at an even, moderate inclination: a gradual slope.

What does grasp mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to take or seize eagerly grasp the opportunity for advancement. 2 : to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms grasped the pen and began writing. 3 : to lay hold of with the mind : comprehend failed to grasp the danger of the situation.

What does rapidly mean?

When you do something rapidly, you do it very quickly. A rapidly moving train is going at full speed.

What does immediate mean?

1a : occurring, acting, or accomplished without loss or interval of time : instant an immediate need. b(1) : near to or related to the present the immediate past. (2) : of or relating to the here and now : current too busy with immediate concerns to worry about the future.

What is immediate need?

Filters. The definition of immediate is next in line or something that is occurring right now. An example of something that would be described as an immediate need is if you are starving and need food right this minute.

Is your wife immediate family?

The immediate family usually consists of parents, siblings, spouse, and children. The Family and Medical Leave Act, for example, defines immediate family as your spouse, parents, and dependant children.

What type of word is immediate?

adjective. occurring or accomplished without delay; instant: an immediate reply.

What is immediate effect?

phrase. If you say that something will happen with immediate effect or with effect from a particular time, you mean that it will begin to apply or be valid immediately or from the stated time. [British, mainly formal] We are now resuming relations with Syria with immediate effect.

What is immediate future?

Immediate Future Tense: The Immediate Future Tense describes what is going to happen soon. The Past Subjunctive Tense: The Past Subjunctive Tense describes what might happen in the past. In this chapter, we are going to study The Immediate Future Tense. Therefore, we are going to express: what is going to happen.

How long is near future?

There is no definitive time frame on what the near term is. Some may refer to the near term as anything less than a few months. A day trader may refer to the near term as the next five or 10 minutes.

What is the distant future?

: at a time that is not long from now : soon.

What is the immediate future in French?

Le futur immédiat

What is a stem in French?

What Are French Stem-changing Verbs? Stem-changing verbs are the group of -er verbs that have two different stems: 1. One stem for the first person singular (me), second person singular (informal you), third person singular (he, she, formal you) and third person plural (they) conjugations.

How do you say future simple in French?

The ‘simple’ future (le futur) is so-named because it is a one-word tense. In other words, its formation is simple because there is no auxiliary. The endings for the simple future are: -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont. The future stem for -er and -ir verbs is the infinitive.

What is the future tense of watch?


I will watch
you will watch
he, she, it will watch
we will watch

What is the past continuous tense of watch?

The past continuous tense is “was watching.” Another example of this tense is: We were playing football when he sprained his wrist last week. The past continuous tense is “were playing.”

Is watching a gerund?

“Watching television can be a waste of time.” If you can add a possessive pronoun or add an adverb and the result makes sense then watching is a gerund. For example, the following make sense: “Our watching television can be a waste of time.”

What watch means?

Look at, see or watch

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