How do I file a complaint against Icici Bank?

How do I file a complaint against Icici Bank?

  1. 1860 120 6699.
  2. 1860 120 6699.

Can we file case against bank in consumer court?

One can file a complaint before the Banking Ombudsman if the reply is not received from the bank within a period of one month after the bank concerned has received one’s complaint, or the bank rejects the complaint, or if the complainant is not satisfied with the reply given by the bank.

Where can I complain about RBI bank?

To file a complaint, you need to visit After that, click on file a complaint link. CMS is accessible on desktop and there is app as well that you can use. Select the language from the dropdown and then ‘File a complaint with ombudsman against an eligible regulated entity’.

How can I complain against police in India?

Any victim of police abuse : Can register a First Information Report(FIR) against the errant officer at any police station; If his complaint is not accepted (which is most often ) he can send complaint to the District Superintendent of police who will then look into the matter and order the registration of the FIR .

Can we sue police in India?

One of the forms of external mechanism for holding the police accountable for misconduct is through the courts, where complainants can directly sue police officers for alleged abuse of powers. The police can be held liable under criminal law, public law or through private tortious liability.

Which is the best state police in India?

Rank State Police Station
1 Manipur NongpokSekmai
2 Tamil Nadu AWPS-Suramangalam
3 Arunachal Pradesh Kharsang
4 Chhattisgarh Jhilmili (Bhaiya Thana)

Is slapping someone a crime in India?

Section 323:- Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 334, voluntarily causes hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.

Is it OK to slap guys?

No, it is not okay, under any circumstances for anyone to slap another just for disrespecting them. Walk away, you can get angry for the disrespect but never get physical. No. If you need to express yourself through violence due to disrespect, you’ve essentially disrespected them to a higher magnitude.

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