How do I get Kikuichimonji?

How do I get Kikuichimonji?

The Kikuichimonji is only available via transfer in The Lost Age. By the time the player gains access to it, stronger weapons will already be available. Thus, the Kikuichimonji will likely see little use. In Dark Dawn, the Kikuichimonji can be obtained as soon as the player gains access to the ship.

How do you reveal Psynergy in Golden Sun?


  1. Keep going further into the game, u will find a *spoilers/spoilers* User Info: JasIsmine.
  2. To get reveal, u need to go to the Lama Temple and talk to Master Hama. Master Hama will then teach Ivan Reveal.
  3. You don’t get reveal until later in the game.
  4. *spoilers*
  5. Keep playing you’ll get it later in the game.

How do you get the Djinn in the vault in Golden Sun?

Its biggest reward is the Venus Djinni Sap, but to get this, you must first ring the bell at the north end of town to scare it onto the elevated cave exit at the northeast corner of the town area.

How do you get to the Mercury Lighthouse in Golden Sun?

Push the 3rd one away to reveal a door, go in it and open the box which has a Nut inside. Now go around to the single statue and use Move to push it aside. Go in the door there and connect the pipe which will open up another door. Go into the 4th waterfall, which leads to a Mercury Djinni.

How do you save the Tret tree in Golden Sun?

The Adepts leave Tret Tree either to return to Tret’s face outside and save him with the Hermes’ Water from Mercury Lighthouse, or make the trip to Mercury Lighthouse and eventually retrieve the healing water for him; whichever the case, Tret and Kolima Forest are saved, and Tret shows his gratitude by dispelling the …

How do you heal in golden sun?

The items that can be used to restore health are:

  1. Herb (50 HP)
  2. Corn (100 HP)
  3. Nut (200 HP)
  4. Vial (500 HP)
  5. Hermes’ Water (All HP)
  6. Potion (All HP)
  7. Mist Potion (300 HP to all party members)

How do you get Hermes water in Golden Sun?

The Water of Hermes is a rare item found at Mercury Lighthouse in Golden Sun. It requires the use of an Empty Bottle, found in a chest in the Old Couple’s home in Imil, found near the entrance of the town.

Where do I go after Mercury Lighthouse?

re: After the Mercury Lighthouse…. You gotta go and heal Tret with the Hermes Water. Then go to Bilbin for a reward. Then to Fuchin Temple.

Where is the lighthouse on Mercury Destiny 2?

The Mercury Lighthouse Chest can only be found by completing the Vex Crossroads public quest on Mercury. You’ll need to head to the top of a lighthouse, where the chest will be waiting. Here’s an image courtesy of TooBoo4U on the Destiny 2 reddit.

Why do they use mercury in lighthouses?

It is common practice for lighthouses with large Fresnel lenses to use mercury baths as a low-friction rotation mechanism. The mercury levels in this lighthouse appeared to be under control through effective convective ventilation and employee awareness.

Where is the rose chest on Mercury?

Head to where Brother Vance is within the social part of the Lighthouse (it’s through the teleporter to your right when you travel to Mercury) and as soon as you enter, drop down to the left to find the forcefield and the chest behind it.

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