How do I get to Hartford CT from NYC by train?

How do I get to Hartford CT from NYC by train?

Is there a direct train between New York and Hartford? Yes, there is a direct train departing from New York Moynihan Train Hall and arriving at Hartford Amtrak Station station. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2h 35m.

How much is the train from Hartford to New York?

Hartford to New York train information

timelapse Avg. Train duration 3h 1m
attach_money Train ticket price $22
place Train depart from Hartford
pin_drop Train arrive in New York
directions_transit Train companies Amtrak

How do I get from Hartford CT to Manhattan?

The best way to get from Hartford to Manhattan is to bus which takes 1h 50m and costs $18 – $35. Alternatively, you can train, which costs $45 – $150 and takes 2h 58m.

How far is Hartford Connecticut from upstate New York?

Distance from Hartford, CT to New York, NY There are 99.90 miles from Hartford to New York in southwest direction and 119 miles (191.51 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 S route. Hartford and New York are 2 hours 13 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

How far is Albany NY from Connecticut?

How far is it from Albany to Connecticut? It is 87 miles from Albany to Connecticut. It is approximately 136.6 miles to drive.

How much is a train ticket from CT to NYC?

There are 4 train lines with service from New Haven, Connecticut to New York, New York….Which train should you take from New Haven to New York?

Train Amtrak Northeast Regional
Daily Trips 9
Avg. Time 1h 46m
Avg. Price $34.37

What part of CT is closest to NYC?

Geographically, the closest CT town to NYC is Byram, just outside of Greenwich. It borders the NY state line. NOTE: Greenwich is the closest Connecticut town to New York City. Byram is a section of Greenwich.

How much is a train ticket to New York from CT?

Trip Summary

Distance 100 mi (161 km)
Fastest train 2h 43m
Lowest price $19.00
Trains per day 2
Most frequent service Amtrak

How much is a train ticket from New Haven to New York?

how much cost tickets to new york? Amtrak tickets to New York costs between $43 and USD 95.00 each seat. This $43 train leaves at 00:50 from New Haven train station at New Haven, CT – Union Station (NHV).

How much are train tickets in New York?

If you want to use public transportation while in New York, you will need to purchase a metro ticket from one of the self-serve kiosks in most New York subway stations. The cost of a single-ride subway ticket is $3.00, or $2.75 if paid with a MetroCard.

What is the best way to get around NYC?

  1. MTA—Subways and Buses. If you can’t walk to your destination, mass transit is the next-best way to get around.
  2. Subways. The easiest and quickest way to travel around NYC is by the subway.
  3. Buses.
  4. The Roosevelt Island Tram.
  5. Taxis.
  6. Car.
  7. Other.
  8. NYC by Bike.

Is the subway in NYC safe at night?

subways are as safe as any form of transport at night. just be aware, as much as you would be on the street. the most prevalent crime is petty theft from sleeping or distracted passengers.

How much is a NYC subway ride?

Riding the subway costs $2.75 for most riders. People with disabilities or who are 65 or older are eligible for a reduced fare.

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