How do I grade a Nearpod?

How do I grade a Nearpod?

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  1. Select the completed Nearpod lesson on under your list assignments on Canvas.
  2. Select “Speed Grader” located in the top right-hand corner of your Canvas page.
  3. Review the student’s completed assignment, provide a grade under the “Assessment” tab,

Can you edit Nearpod lessons?

Curricular resources must be designed to meet the needs of each specific classroom context– and no one knows how to do this better than the teacher in front of that class each day. This is why we’re so excited to announce that all Nearpod lessons are now customizable!

How do I change my Nearpod name?

You can make this change by going to the main menu, selecting the wheel next to your name and changing the information there.

Can you drag and drop on Nearpod?

3. Fill in the Blanks: This classic “drag & drop” activity is now part of Nearpod. Share it with your students and allow them to have fun while learning. It’s super easy to do!

Does Nearpod save student work?

Can I use a Nearpod lesson for independent student work? Nearpod is great for independent work! You can easily launch a lesson in student-paced mode, then share the code out with your students by email, or share through your LMS (like Canvas or Schoology), Google Classroom, or Microsoft Teams (here’s how).

Can two teachers work on the same Nearpod?

Even though Co-teaching and Nearpod are not two things that you naturally associate with each other, the two can work together to create a fantastic lesson.

Can you share Nearpod lessons?

-Go above the lesson you would like to share. Once in the sharing screen, you can easily share the student view of the lesson (via email, direct link, social media and embedded code). You can also share editable versions. Select “Share an editable copy” in order to add the lesson to your colleagues’ Nearpod library.

How do I add a teacher to Nearpod?

Launch your Nearpod lesson in Live Participation mode as you typically would. 2. When the code appears, you will have the option to add a Co-Teaching link. Turn this option on, then copy the link.

Can you pause a Nearpod?

Nearpod is excited to announce improvements to the live-session experience with a new set of features and re-designs. The changes are aimed to simplify the live-session experience. Teachers now have the option to pause student devices when presenting slides that contain audio or video.

How is pear deck different from Nearpod?

Pear Deck works really well with Google Slides with the interactive elements, but is limited in the amount of interactions. Nearpod has a lot more options for interactives, such as VR and adjusting lessons on the fly without re-syncing during a presentation.

Can I use pear deck on iPad?

Supported Devices Please note: Google Slides Add-ons, including Pear Deck, are only supported on computers, so you won’t be able to edit Pear Deck Slides on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

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