How do I import a test bank into Moodle?

How do I import a test bank into Moodle?

On the “Course Settings” page, scroll down to the “Question bank” settings section. Click on the “Import” link in the “Question bank” section. Then on the “Import” page, under the “File format,” select the “Blackboard” option.

How do I export a quiz from Moodle?

Click Administration>Quiz Administration>Question bank>Export.

  1. Select the output type required for the exported file.
  2. Use the pulldown menu to select the question category you want to export.
  3. Check if you want the category name to exported and/or the context to be included.
  4. Click on the export questions to file button.

How do I copy a Moodle site?

The easiest way to copy your course on Moodle is to use the Import function to copy your course materials from one course site to another. 1. Go to the course site that you want to import into, and click on the Administration gear in the right corner of the page, select Import from the drop down menu.

How do I open a Mbz file?

If you are an administrator on your Moodle site, click “Site administration” in the nav drawer, select “Courses,” then click “Restore course.” You can click “Choose a file…” to navigate to the MBZ file or drag and drop the file into the upload window to upload the MBZ file. Since MBZ files are simply renamed .

Where does Moodle store backup files?

To find the backup file for a course, go to the front page of that course, click Administration->Files, and look for a folder named backupdata. The backup file for the course should be found in that folder. If you don’t see a backupdata folder, or if the folder is empty, then backups are not being made.

How do I backup and restore from Moodle?

Here is a set of basic steps that make up the restore process.

  1. Rename the original Moodle directory to something different (so you still have it) and copy the backed up Moodle directory or a newly downloaded Moodle directory in its place.
  2. If you are running MySQL, a backup of the database should be a .

How do I restore Moodle?

Restoring a course backup

  1. Go to Settings > Front page settings > Restore or Settings > Course administration > Restore.
  2. Upload the backup file or choose a file in the course backup area or user private backup area and click Restore.
  3. Confirm – Check that everything is as required then click the Continue button.

How do I download all files from Moodle?

On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings, select Download instructor files. Moodle will compress the files into a single ZIP file and begin the download process, which will differ depending on your browser settings. Locate the downloaded . zip file on your computer and unzip the file.

How do I update Moodle?

To do this just go to Site administration > Notifications. Moodle will automatically detect the new version and perform all the SQL database or file system upgrades that are necessary. If there is anything it can’t do itself (very rare) then you will see messages telling you what you need to do.

What is the latest Moodle version?

Latest release

Version .tgz .zip
Moodle 3.10.3 MOODLE_3103 25 Mar 2021 12 days 6 hours ago Download tgz 54.8MB 238 today [md5] [sha256] Download zip 71.3MB 302 today [md5] [sha256]

How long does Moodle take to update?

The system updates every 24 hours or so. If you swapped right after the update, you’ll wait nearly a day. If you swapped right before the update, it will only be a few hours.

How do I update my Moodle plugins?

To update a plugin from the Moodle plugins database, perform the following: In the Administration block under Site administration, click on Notifications and click on the plugins overview link, which displays if any updated plugins are detected.

How do I delete a Moodle course?

Log in to the Moodle dashboard and select Site administration from the sidebar. Click the Courses tab, then the Manage courses and categories link. Select the course category, then check the box next to the course(s) you wish to delete. Use the trashcan icon to delete the course.

How do I make my course visible in Moodle?

Make your course visible to students

  1. Click ‘Edit settings’ situated within the yellow banner at the top of your Moodle space.
  2. You will be taken to ‘Edit course settings’ page. Click on the drop-down for ‘Course visibility’ and select ‘Show’.
  3. Click ‘Save and display’ at the bottom of the page.

How do I activate Moodle?

To enable the Moodle mobile on your site you need to be a site administrator. As a site administrator go to Site administration ► Plugins ► Web services ► Mobile and then tick the ‘Enable web services for mobile devices’ option and click ‘save changes’.

How do I delete multiple users on Moodle?

Moodle – Bulk deleting users

  1. Open the navigation drawer with the icon in the upper left and click the ‘Site administration’ link.
  2. Click on the ‘Users’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Bulk user actions’ under the Accounts section.
  4. Click ‘Show more…’ under New filter to expand the search capabilities.
  5. Add a new filter to find the users you want to delete.

How do I find my Moodle URL?

URLs or Uniform Resource Locators are the website addresses that you provide to your students like http://www.trinitydc.edu/ or https://moodle.org/. To add the URL to your course: Login to Moodle and, in the “My Courses” block/list, the click on the course to which you wish to add the URL resource.

How do I customize my Moodle app?

Steps for creating your Custom App

  1. Setting up your computer.
  2. Fork the app.
  3. Clone the repo in your desktop.
  4. Create a new branch.
  5. Edit the app settings file.
  6. Edit another app files.
  7. Replace the app icons, splashscreen.
  8. Add your custom styles.

How do I log into Moodle?

Log in

  1. You will need to be on the same network as your Moodle site.
  2. Open up your web browser.
  3. Enter the website address of the Moodle site in the browser’s address bar.
  4. Look for a login block that will allow you to enter your user name and password.
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