How do I reset my radio in my suburban?

How do I reset my radio in my suburban?

Follow these steps and you can reset the anti-theft radio and return the radio to a working state.

  1. Turn the car ignition to the “ON” position.
  2. Turn the radio off, if it is on.
  3. Press and hold the “Minute” button on the radio faceplate.
  4. Release the “Minute” button once “000” appears on the radio display.

How do you program a Chevy radio?

Step 1: Start the vehicle and turn on the radio. Step 2: Press and hold preset numbers 2 and 3 until a three digit code appears on the radio display. Write this code down. Step 3: Press the AM/FM button.

How do I delete a preset radio station?

You can delete preset broadcast stations.

  1. From the Home menu, select [FM Radio].
  2. Select the preset number of the frequency you want to delete from preset.
  3. Press the OPTION/PWR OFF button.
  4. Select [Delete from Preset].

Why do my Sirius presets disappear?

If you have a Sirius radio and your presets no longer take you to your favorite channels, you may have to reset one or more of your preset buttons. This is easy to do and should only take a few moments. Please consult your vehicle owner’s manual for assistance.

How do I change my Sirius presets?

Set Presets

  1. Tune to the desired radio channel, and then press and hold a memory Preset button in the row of buttons above the Menu bar of the touchscreen. The audio will mute briefly while the system saves the channel and then resume playing.
  2. Tap the Preset button to access additional presets.

How do you tune a Sirius radio to an FM station?

Turn on your SIRIUS radio. Press and hold the MENU button to access the FM channel number list on your SIRIUS radio. Tune to the channel that matches the SIRIUS preset on your vehicle radio. Refer to the Menu Options/FM Transmitter section of this manual for more detailed instructions on how to do this.

Why does my XM radio only go to 223?

Registered. You didn’t mention which package you have, but if your radio only goes to 223 odds are it’s because you only have the XM select package which doesn’t include the NFL stations. You need to subscribe to the XM all access package to receive the NFL stations.

Can I use my factory XM antenna?

Look no further! This connector allows you to use any standard SMB SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio antenna with your FAKRA compatible receiver or tuner. It also allows you to use a factory installed Satellite Radio antenna with ANY Sirius XM Radio receiver.

Does Sirius antenna work on dashboard?

Most dashboards don’t fit into this category. Trying to prevent antenna damage is a horrible excuse – XM/Sirius antennas are so small that they are not even remotely damage-prone.

Where is the Sirius XM antenna on my car?

If you are installing the XM Standard Magnetic Mount Antenna, the antenna should be located on the roof of the car. We recommend mounting the antenna just above the back window as shown, or just above the windshield as shown. The best mounting location would be at the rear center or front center of the roof.

How do I use aux on Sirius?

Install The Aux In Cable In Your Vehicle

  1. Your Radio with Vehicle Kit includes an Aux In Cable in the product package.
  2. Plug one end of the cable into the AUDIO connector on the Vehicle Dock.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into the AUX or AUX IN, or LINE IN jack of your vehicle’s stereo system.

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