How do I transfer contacts from LG to iPhone 6?

How do I transfer contacts from LG to iPhone 6?

3 Steps to Transfer LG G2/G3/G4 to iPhone 6

  1. Step 1: Run the LG to iPhone Data Transfer Tool on your PC. Run the LG to iPhone data transfer tool on the computer.
  2. Step 2: Connect both your LG Phone and iPhone.
  3. Step 3: Transfer SMS, Contacts, Photos, Video, Ebooks and Music from LG to iPhone 6.

How do I transfer my contacts from Android to iPhone 6?

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone with a SIM card

  1. On your Android phone, open the Contacts app.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines (the hamburger menu).
  3. Tap “Manage contacts.”
  4. On the Manage contacts page, tap “Import/export contacts.”
  5. Tap “Export.”

How do I transfer data from LG to iPhone?

Part 2: Transfer Data from LG to iPhone via Move to iOS App

  1. Click “Move Data from Android” If you are setting up a new iPhone click on “Move Data from Android” option when you reach the screen titled “Apps & Data” during setup.
  2. Open the Move to iOS app on LG phone.
  3. Wait for a code on your iPhone.
  4. Select the content type.

How do I export contacts from my LG phone?

You can export all of the contacts on your phone to internal storage, as vCard files….To export contacts to internal storage

  1. Open the Contacts application.
  2. Tap the Menu Key > Import/Export.
  3. Tap Export to internal storage.
  4. Tap the contacts you want to export to internal storage.
  5. Then tap Export, then OK to confirm.

How do I sync two iPhones with another Apple ID?

If you have more than one iTunes account, you can sync your iPhone with a different account by changing the account settings in iTunes. Changing the iTunes synchronization account changes the Apple ID used by your iPhone when you buy and download apps or content from the iTunes App Store or iBookstore.

Can you mirror an iPhone to another iPhone?

Follow the steps below to mirror your iPhone to another iPhone. Firstly, download and install ApowerMirror on both iPhones. Don’t forget to connect both devices to the same wireless network. Then launch the ApowerMirror app, tap the Mirror button to search for devices to connect.

How do I transfer everything to my new iPhone without iCloud?

As long as your iOS devices are running iOS 8 or later, you can use the iOS data transfer tool – EaseUS MobiMover to transfer the supported files from one iPhone to another without iCloud or iTunes. With this software, you are able to transfer multiple or all files to your new device without syncing.

How do I transfer my apps from my old iPhone to my new iPhone?

How to transfer apps to a new iPhone using iCloud

  1. Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup instructions.
  2. On the Apps & Data screen, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup.”
  3. When your iPhone asks you to sign into iCloud, use the same Apple ID that you used on your previous iPhone.

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