How do students share Nearpod lessons?

How do students share Nearpod lessons?

Launch a Nearpod lesson, then share it with your students via the Google Classroom button. It’s that simple! After you launch an interactive lesson, Nearpod generates a 5 digit PIN with sharing options. Now, you can click the Classroom button to send the Nearpod lesson to your Class Page to share with your students.

Can you collaborate on Nearpod?

Nearpod has always been my go-to tool for engaging all students in learning. With Collaborate!, students now have a safe forum inviting them to share in ways they each learn best. Students can document knowledge through evidencing in the form of shared written responses, images, links, or photos.

Does Nearpod work with Chromebooks?

Nearpod was designed to work on any platform and any device! So no matter which device you and your students are using, you can add Nearpod to your list of not-to-be missed apps! ~ Google Chrome web store: use Nearpod on Chromebooks.

Is there a whiteboard feature in Nearpod?

When facilitating a live Nearpod lesson with students, teachers can launch a whiteboard at any time in the lesson and the students will be able to see what the teacher is doing in real-time. This feature is great for teacher modeling, responding to or addressing a misconception, and more.

How do I get Nearpod add ons?

Open a Google Slides™ presentation and go to Add-ons>Get Add-ons>Type Nearpod in the search box>Click +Free>Choose your Google account>Click Allow. To learn more about this new feature, click HERE. To learn more about how Nearpod works, click HERE. Click HERE to sign up for a Nearpod account.

How do you build a Nearpod time climb?

Convert your Nearpod quizes! Simply click to edit your lesson, select the quiz you’d like to convert, click “Convert to Time to Climb” at the top right-hand corner, and you’re all set!

What are the Nearpod activities?

Get 100% student participation with fun, interactive activities delivered synchronously on all devices

  • Draw It. An interactive whiteboard where students can draw, highlight, type, and add pictures.
  • Open-Ended Question.
  • Quiz.
  • Poll.
  • Collaborate Board.
  • VR Field Trips.
  • Fill in the Blanks.
  • Matching Pairs.
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