How do you check hydraulic fluid in a Case tractor?

How do you check hydraulic fluid in a Case tractor?

To start, you need to take off the cap and pull the dipstick out to check the hydraulic fluid levels. Once you have pulled the dipstick, clean it with the cloth, and put it back inside. Then, pull the dipstick again and check the fluid levels that should be showing on the scale of the dipstick.

Where do you put hydraulic oil in a Case tractor?

There should be a could of plugs under the tractor for draining the oil, and there should be a plug at the upper rear of the tractor (probably yellow) to fill the hydraulic system. there should also be a dipstick next to the plug to check the oil level.

How much hydraulic fluid does a 574 international hold?

International Harvester’s 574 features a synchromesh transmission that offers eight forward and four reverse gears. The hydraulic system on this tractor is designed to pump hydraulic fluid at an 11.9 gallon-per-minute rate. These tractors are fitted with hydraulic wet disc brakes.

How many horsepower is a 574 international?

International Harvester 574

International Harvester 574 Power
Engine: 67 hp 50.0 kW
PTO (claimed): 52.97 hp 39.5 kW
Drawbar (tested): 45.85 hp 34.2 kW
PTO (tested): 52.97 hp 39.5 kW

What weight is Hy-Tran hydraulic oil?

A quick Web search indicates that the viscosity of Hy-Tran is equivalent to SAE 10W30. In addition to any application calling for hydraulic fluid I”d use it in any none-high-temperature application calling for SAE 30 oil.

What is c3 hydraulic fluid?

Description: Conoco Hydraulic Transmission Fluid, Type C-3 is a heavy-duty, low viscosity fluid for mobile hydraulic systems, torque converters and automatic transmissions. Hydraulic Transmission Fluid, Type C-3 offers excellent rust and corrosion protection and wear control.

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