How do you conduct an ethnographic interview?

How do you conduct an ethnographic interview?

  1. Interview where the interaction happens.
  2. Avoid a fixed set of questions (refer to Contextual Inquiry Guides at bottom of page for guiding questions)
  3. Focus on goals first, tasks second.
  4. Avoid making the user a designer.
  5. Avoid discussions of technology.
  6. Encourage storytelling.
  7. Ask for a show and tell.
  8. Avoid leading questions.

What is ethnographic method of research?

Ethnographic methods are a research approach where you look at people in their cultural setting, with the goal of producing a narrative account of that particular culture, against a theoretical backdrop. How they interact with one another, and with their social and cultural environment.

What is the process of ethnography?

Ethnographic research is a qualitative method where researchers observe and/or interact with a study’s participants in their real-life environment. Ethnography was popularised by anthropology, but is used across a wide range of social sciences.

How long should an ethnographic study be?

6 months

Is ethnography qualitative or quantitative?

Ethnography is a type of qualitative research that gathers observations, interviews and documentary data to produce detailed and comprehensive accounts of different social phenomena.

How can I be a good ethnographer?

What qualities make a good ethnographer?

  1. Being inquisitive.
  2. Open to new ideas.
  3. Being organised (you can be travelling all over the country carrying out ethnographic research)
  4. Remembering when not to ask a question.

What is the primary reason that a fieldworker should slow down and not proceed so quickly in the work?

a capacity to function effectively in two or more cultures. What is the primary reason that a fieldworker should slow down and not proceed so quickly in the work? At the beginning, most fieldworkers do not know enough to ask productive questions. They must first learn about the community.

What is another name for key cultural consultant?

When an anthropologist establishes a rapport with these individuals and begins to rely more on them for information than on others, the cultural specialists are referred to as key informants or key cultural consultants.

What does ethnographic fieldwork consist of?

Ethnographic field work involves a trained ethnographer living within a specific group of people and collecting data about their lives and cultural attitudes. Ethnographic field work can face numerous practical challenges including local hostility, informant dishonesty, and scholarly bias.

How is fieldwork conducted?

Field work is a process of data collection using survey methods such as face‐to‐face interviews; telephone, postal, and online surveys; or observation. They also need to ensure the security of data especially to protect the respondent’s privacy and confidentiality.

How do you do a field study?

Systematically observe and accurately record the varying aspects of a situation. Always approach your field study with a detailed protocol about what you will observe, where you should conduct your observations, and the method by which you will collect and record your data. Continuously analyze your observations.

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