How do you find the force of one object on another?

How do you find the force of one object on another?

Force exerted by an object equals mass times acceleration of that object: F = m * a . When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body (for every action, there is always an equal but opposite reaction).

When two or more forces exerted on an object are?

Two or more forces exerted on an object are unbalanced if their effects do not cancel each other.

Do heavier objects fall faster experiment?

Usually not. Galileo did a famous experiment on the Leaning Tower of Pisa when he dropped 2 cannonballs of different weights, and they fell at the same speed. But things like balloons can float, because the air holds them up. So, things like feathers fall slower than heavier objects because the air holds them up.

Why do light and heavy objects fall at the same time?

Because the downward force on an object is equal to its mass multiplied by g, heavier objects have a greater downward force. Heavier objects, however, also have more inertia, which means they resist moving more than lighter objects do, and so heaver objects need more force to get them going at the same rate.

Why do heavy objects not fall faster?

They think that gravity acts more on a heavier object thus pulling it down faster. In fact, gravity works independently of mass. The greater the surface areas of an object the more surface for air to push up against and so air resistance will act upon a falling object, slowing its fall.

Will heavier objects reach terminal velocity faster?

heavy objects will have a higher terminal velocity than light objects. It takes a larger air resistance force to equal the weight of a heavier object. A larger air resistance force requires more speed.) Therefore, heavy objects will fall faster in air than light objects.

How fast does an object reach terminal velocity?

around 53 m/s

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