How do you hit a ball out of a sand trap?

How do you hit a ball out of a sand trap?

Unless you’re trying to hit the ball a longer distance, you want to hit the sand, and only the sand. This applies for every greenside bunker shot. Aim to hit 1-2 inches behind the ball and picture taking a divot the size of a dollar bill. However, don’t feel like you’re digging down into the sand.

What club do you use to get out of a sand trap?

If you have a small amount of green to work with between you and the hole, use a high loft wedge. If you have more green to work with, choose a lower loft wedge. The solution to hitting out of a bunker on the fairway is to hit more club.

Why can’t I hit out of the sand?

There are only two reasons why at times we can’t get the ball out of the sand: Once you make contact with the sand you don’t follow through, or perhaps you took too much sand that resulted from hitting too far behind the ball.

Why are bunker shots so hard?

In Tiger Woods book, “How I Play Golf,” he said the 30-60 yard bunker shot is the hardest in the game. It’s hard because it’s in between how to play a greenside bunker shot and not long enough to hit like a fairway bunker shot. Here’s how you can do it: Set up slightly open to the target.

Can you use a lob wedge in the bunker?

The limitations of using a lob wedge when playing a bunker shot is that it is difficult to hit the ball a longer distance. The lob wedge is great for hitting those high, soft landing, short bunker shots, but those longer distance, running bunker shots are difficult to play with the high loft of the lob wedge.

How do you hit a flop shot?

To hit the flop shot:

  1. Grab your highest lofted wedge, hopefully between a 58-62 degree lob wedge.
  2. Next, open the face of the lob wedge and aim to the left of the target. The more you open the face, the more you should aim left of the intended target.

How do you hit out of shallow sand?

To hit successfully out of soft sand open your club face as much as possible to prevent the leading edge from digging and getting stuck. Play the ball forward of the center of your stance so you will catch it more on the up swing. The more shallow the angle of attack, the less sand you will take.

How much bounce do you need for hard sand?

The more bounce the less the club will dig into the sand. So look for a sand wedge of 56 degrees of loft and at least 10 degrees of bounce for soft sand, and for harder. compacted sand look for a 56 or 60 degree sand wedge with 8 degrees of bounce.

Can you hit hybrid out of sand?

If you’re afraid to hit a full iron shot from the sand, the hybrid may prove less intimidating. Make sure your feet are planted firmly, but don’t dig into the sand as you would in a greenside bunker. This causes your swing to bottom out behind the ball – a big no-no in a fairway bunker.

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