How do you open the cellar door in Springvale in Fallout 3?

How do you open the cellar door in Springvale in Fallout 3?

You can either kill him and take the key, pick the lock, or bathe yourself in radiation to be allowed into the cellar. You’ll either have to kill everyone, or win a speech challenge to complete the quest.

Where is the key for the cellar in Springvale Fallout 3?

the Holy Light Monastery

Where is Springvale Library Fallout 3?

It’s on the top floor. Muahaha… ahahaha..

How many Raiders are in the Super Duper Mart?

Four additional raiders then spawn inside the Super-Duper Mart, both at the entrances and on the plank walkways. No enemies will respawn within the interior.

Where is the safe in the Super Duper Mart?

An Expert Level Wall Safe in the left corner of the back office as you enter the room.

Where is the medicine in Super Duper Mart?

Search the metallic boxes at the back end of the supermarket (towards the middle) to find a Super-Duper Pharmacy Key. This will allow you to open the locked door at the back left end of the store, where the medicine is located.

Where is the magazine in the Super Duper Mart?

The magazine is in a metal rack just to the left of the large, red sign that says “DRUGS.” A fusion core – In a generator in the back-most room of the store just before going down the stairs to the garage.

Where is the Super Duper Mart in Fallout 76?

Watoga Shopping Plaza

Where is Mystic Pines in Fallout 4?


Where are all of the magazines in Fallout 4?

Location list

Magazine Issue Location
Astoundingly Awesome Tales #12, Rise of the Radiated East Boston Preparatory School
Grognak the Barbarian Blood on the Harp Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
Cometh the Trickster Bus and apartment wreckage north of Andrew Station
Jungle of the Bat-Babies Sanctuary Hills

What happens if you sell bobbleheads in Fallout 4?

If I sell my bobbleheads and magazines will I lose the bonuses they provide? No, but they’re collectables. You can display them on magazine racks and bobble head stands in your settlements.

Do you need to keep bobbleheads in inventory?

Do you need to have bobbleheads in your inventory to work? No!

Should I sell Grognak the Barbarian?

You don’t need to keep them. You could build the special shelves to display your bobble heads and magazines rather than selling them.

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