How do you put the back seats down in a Jeep Cherokee?

How do you put the back seats down in a Jeep Cherokee?

Locate the hinges on the outer-upper corners on each seat back. Lift the hinges upward to unlock the rear seat from its hinge anchor,and push the seat downward. Repeat for the opposite side to open the cargo space up to its full capacity.

Do the back seats fold down in a Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee interior comes with standard split-folding rear seats and even an available fold-flat front passenger seat to make plenty of space for all of your cargo.

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee seats fold down?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Dimensions & Cargo Space The Jeep Grand Cherokee interior offers comfortable seating for five passengers, with standard split-folding rear seats and an available fold-flat front passenger seat to fit plenty of cargo on camping trips, big moves, Crossville errands, and more.

How do you fold a back seat down?

The seat-back can be released from inside the car or inside the trunk. To fold down either side of the seat- back from inside the car, insert the master key in the lock on the rear shelf. To fold down the driver’s side, turn the key clockwise, pull down the top of the seat-back, then release the key.

Can you turn the back seat around in a Jeep Wrangler?

Taking out the Backseat Newer models allow you to slide the back seat out of the side door. All you have to do is lift the front end of the backseat and slide it out. Older Jeep Wranglers require you to lift the backseat out of its position and carry it out of the side door. Looking for other Jeep help?

How do you put the back seats down in a Jeep TJ?

how do you fold down rear seats? On the TJ there is a lever on the left side that is actually the catch for the pin. Lift it up and then tilt the seat forward. Pull the latch on the lower rear of the seat.

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