How do you read Ulysses?

How do you read Ulysses?

Here are a few thoughts on how to read Ulysses, enumerated–because people like lists:

  1. Ignore all guides, lists, maps, annotations, summaries, and lectures.
  2. Choose a suitable copy of the book.
  3. Make a reading schedule and stick to it.
  4. So you’ve decided you need a guide.
  5. Keep reading.

Can I read the Odyssey before the Iliad?

It’s true that the Iliad is set chronologically before the Odyssey, but in my opinion it doesn’t make much of a difference which one you read first. Before reading either of them, I would recommend reading a brief synopsis of the Trojan War; most of the original audience would already know the basic stories beforehand.

Which is better Odyssey or Iliad?

I like The Odyssey better. It’s a more entertaining read. The Illiad is pretty good, but it’s a bit dry in places, and it goes on too long. The Iliad is much better in my opinion, the scope of time is minimized significantly but this makes for a much more thorough look into the characters and plot development.

Is the Odyssey hard to read?

The Odyssey is not a difficult book to read when it is translated into English! Because we translate the text into modern English it can be a lot easier to read than Shakespeare! Personally what I find the most interesting about reading Homer is how much of an influence he has had on pop culture.

Is the Iliad a good read?

The Iliad is a masterpiece and it’s one of the first works of Western literature in history, it’s a story that I recommend everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

Why is the Iliad famous?

One of the greatest epics of ancient Greece, the Iliad tells of events during the final year of the Trojan War*. Iliad means “poem of Ilios,” one of the names of the city of Troy in Asia Minor*. In any case, the Iliad had a tremendous impact on Greek culture and holds an important place in world literature.

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