How do you remove the oil pump from an Evo?

How do you remove the oil pump from an Evo?

So, here’s how you should (try to) do it:

  1. Loosen the four cover bolts.
  2. Remove the two outer bolts if you manage.
  3. Pull cover sideways out/wriggle it out.
  4. Remove oil pump shaft circlip (on the innermost gear)
  5. Pull the gear off.
  6. Loosen/pull out two top bolts.
  7. Pull the gear oil pump housing straight off.

How do you prime a Harley Evo oil pump?

How to Prime a Harley Oil Pump

  1. Install the oil pump.
  2. Remove check valve cover screw with a flat head screwdriver.
  3. Remove the check valve ball with a mechanic’s magnet from inside the oil pump body.
  4. Look inside the open check valve.
  5. Pour clean engine oil into the cavity if it remains empty and wait for five minutes.

How do you change a oil pump on a Harley Davidson?

With care, you can remove and replace the oil pump without removing the cam cover. remove the oil lines, and bolts holding the oil pump cover on, remove the snap ring holding the driven gear to the pump shaft, then the gear. remove the key, and then the upper bolts holding the pump housing to the crankcase.

How much oil pressure should a Harley Evo have?

Perfectly normal. Repair Manual gives specs of 7-35 psi range. Evo doesn’t need oil pressure so much as oil presence. Only the tappets rely on high pressure, and the passages up the pushrods, into and through the rocker shafts.

What is Harley oil Sumping?

Oil sumping or wet sumping is a condition where oil, instead of returning to the oil tank, builds up in the crankcase and cam gearcase, causing excessive friction and power loss. Sumping is when the suction side of the oil pump does not remove enough oil from the crankcase.

Is replacing an oil pump expensive?

Even though an oil pump isn’t all that big of a part, it tends to cost somewhere between $1,080 and $1,300 to do oil pump replacement. And while a mechanic is in the process of poking around in a car’s engine, they’ll also usually recommend that car owners take care of a few other minor repairs.

Where is the oil pump located?

Your vehicle’s oil pump is typically located inside your vehicle’s oil pan. It generally sits towards the top of the pan and uses a pickup tube to take oil from the pan and push it through the engine. In some engines, it is also located around the crankshaft at the front of it.

Can an oil pump be serviced?

Top 5 Bad Oil Pump Symptoms Some of the common symptoms are: noise from the valve train, strange noises from the hydraulic lifters, reduced oil pressure, a hotter engine, and a noisy oil pump. Usually, the oil pump doesn’t get servicing until it actually starts to fail.

What does it mean when your oil gauge goes up and down?

The most likely cause is a faulty oil pressure sending unit. The most likely cause is a faulty oil pressure sending unit. The oil needs changing: Over time, oil breaks down and loses some of its viscosity, causing a low reading on the oil pressure gauge.

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