How do you respond to a revision request?

How do you respond to a revision request?

Scientific Manuscript Editing : 7 Tips on How to Respond to Revision Requests

  1. 1) Understand What the Journal Wants.
  2. 2) Ask Why.
  3. 3) Don’t Take the Revision Requests Personally.
  4. 4) Tackle the Requests Soon But Not Immediately.
  5. 5) Create your Checklist.
  6. 6) Get Professional Scientific Editing Services.
  7. 7) Check your Citations.

How do I respond to reviewers comments?

Response: Agree. I/We have, accordingly, done/revised/changed/modified…..to emphasize this point. [Discuss the changes made, providing the necessary explanation/clarification. Mention exactly where in the revised manuscript this change can be found – page number, paragraph, and line.]

How do you respond to a letter to the editor?

How to write a letter to the editor

  1. Respond to an article in the paper.
  2. Follow the paper’s directions.
  3. Share your expertise.
  4. Refer to the legislator or corporation you are trying to influence by name.
  5. Write the letter in your own words.
  6. Refute, advocate, and make a call to action.
  7. Include your contact information.

How do you thank the editor?

You can write to the editor thanking him for considering your paper for publication. In the same letter, add a word of thanks for the reviewers as well, for their valuable comments on your paper. It is indeed a thoughtful gesture on your part, and I’m sure the editor and peer reviewers will appreciate it.

How do you compliment an editor?

Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing.

  1. Write Your Letter Step-by-Step. Tell the reader that you enjoyed or appreciated his or her work. Example Sentences.
  2. State specifically what you liked about the reader’s work. Example Sentences.
  3. Close by thanking the writer for his or her work. Example Sentences.

How do you thank an editor for accepting articles?

I appreciate your acceptance of my paper for publication in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. I thank you for the valuable comments on this paper and have made the following adjustments accordingly. Reviewer #1 The manuscript is quite well written.

What do you write in an evaluation essay?

Here are some good evaluation essay topics to write about if you need to do it quickly:

  • Evaluate a coffee house you often attend.
  • Evaluate your favorite restaurant.
  • Analyze the last season of your favorite sports team.
  • Evaluate a cosmetics product you like.
  • Evaluate a recent romantic movie.
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