How do you score a moral in SPM?

How do you score a moral in SPM?

To score in Pendidikan Moral, you need to have a good memory and learn to analyse logically. Start off by memorising one moral value each day. Alternatively make pocket notes on every moral value, definition and key words to help you remember better. It’s a good idea to look at it wherever you go.

How do you score English SPM?

Score in Your English SPM Paper with These Tips!

  1. Don’t just read—understand what you’re reading. A big part of the exam involves comprehension, so you can’t just read blindly; really understand what the whole passage is about!
  2. Be a grammar Nazi.
  3. Make the dictionary your best friend.
  4. Practise writing.
  5. Be confident.

What is SPM qualification?

After two years of upper secondary education, students sit for the public common examination Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, SPM (also known as the Malaysian Certificate of Education). The SPM is the national examination taken by all Form 5 students and is equivalent to the IGSCE or O level.

How do I use SPM?

#1. What are the steps to apply for a retake (SPM Ulangan)?

  1. Step 1: Register as an SPM Ulangan Candidate.
  2. Step 2: Select your subjects.
  3. Step 3: Choose the location to retake your SPM papers.
  4. Step 4: Verify your information.
  5. Step 5: Submit your documents at Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri or Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah.

What is SPM in English?

The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, or more popularly known as ‘SPM’, is a national examination for all form 5 students who follow the education pathway of Malaysian government schools. The examination is recognized in many countries, although all examination papers (except the English paper) are written in Bahasa Malaysia.

Is SPM harder than O level?

O-Levels/IGCSE/GCSE/GCE-O/USA High School Diploma ARE EASIER than SPM. BUT SPM CAN have a lower marking scheme depending on the annual results. Topics and syllabus covered in O-Levels/IGCSE/GCSE/GCE-O/USA High School Diploma are more GENERAL than SPM which is more IN DEPTH.

Is O level a diploma?

O Level. DOEACC ‘O’ Level Course is a foundation Course of DOEACC Society in the field of Information Technology. The duration of the course is 1 Year (2 semesters of 6 months each). The next level IT course of DOEACC Society is DOEACC ‘A’Level which is equivalent to advance diploma course in Computer Application.

Is SPM certificate important?

Especially for a big exam like Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), having good results are important because it will help you secure a spot in universities or colleges to further your studies. Not only that, you can also use your SPM results to get a scholarship.

Is O level certificate important?

O Level result determines which path and school/course you go and that is no brainer. If you are a poly student who wants to apply Uni then O Level will be important for the application. It can affect your tertiary route and the diploma that you would do if you are looking at entering poly.

What is the passing mark for O level?


How is O level calculated?

Possible Point Grading System For O’ Level Result: Only the five (5) relevant subjects on your O’level result with the best grades will be used to calculate your screening score. Your O’level result will contribute 40% of your total admission screening score in this order; A1-8% B2-7%

How many times can you retake O levels?

There is no limit to the number of times that private candidates can retake a specific subject. 22.

Can NA students go to JC?

You can indeed go to JC after your O levels only. You got to take your N levels and do well enough to proceed to secondary 5, and do your O levels. If you score well enough, you will be able to enter JC. If you score well enough, you are eligible for JC, Poly, Pre-U and ITE.

How do you qualify for JC?

To qualify for JC admission, you must:

  1. Have a gross L1R5 aggregate score of 20 and below. The L1R5 aggregate score is made up of the following subjects: L1R5. Subjects. First Language (L1) English/Higher Mother Tongue.
  2. Meet the following subject requirements. Subject. Grade. English Language. 1-6.

What should I do after O level?

What To Do After O Levels In Pakistan

  • A-Levels.
  • FSc Pre-Engineering.
  • ICS.
  • FSC Pre-Medical.
  • DAE.
  • Com.
  • Diploma or Short Courses.
  • FA General Science.

Is a math compulsory for JC?

If you plan to go JC, A-Math is a pre-requisite for H2 Math. For students who aspire to enter business-related courses, A-math is not compulsory but it is recommended as it trains you to be sharper and more detailed when dealing with numbers.

Is Chinese compulsory in JC?

unfortunately, nope unless you have taken higher Chinese in Secondary School. only in Polytechnics you will get exemption in Chinese/ MTL.

Do I need to take Chinese in JC?

Typically, if a student scored a C6 and above, he/she will be exempted from taking Chinese at the Junior College. However, a few Junior Colleges require a minimum B4 grade for exemption, hence it is always better to check with the school.

How many subjects do you take in JC?


Is it compulsory to take mother tongue in JC?

Students can be exempted from taking H1 Mother Tongue if they have passed their Higher Mother Tongue in Secondary School, but it still counts as 1 point. However, if the student did not undertake Higher MTL in Secondary school ‘O’ Level, it is compulsory for him/her to complete H1 MTL in JC.

What is O level L1R5?

The L1R5 is an assessment tool used by the Ministry of Education to score the 10,000 plus Singaporean secondary school students who take the annual GCE O Level Exam every year in December. How does it work? The L1R5 refers to the six best subjects out of a possible maximum 10 subjects your child can enroll in.

How are JC rank points calculated?

The rank points are calculated by adding together the overall score of the students which they have achieved in four different subjects which is, generally, a mixture of three H2 subjects, one H1 subject, H1 general paper, and H2 project work.

Is Poly better than JC?

JC leads to the A-levels, which is meant as an entrant examination for universities. Universities tend to prefer JC students over Poly grads. Even if you don’t do well (below average) for your A levels, your chances of entering a university are higher than a poly graduate whose results may be above average.

What is the best subject combination?

What A-Level subjects go well together? 10 great combinations you could consider

  • Art, Mathematics, Physics.
  • History, Economics, Politics.
  • Business Studies, Economics, Maths.
  • English Literature, History, Psychology.
  • Art, Business Studies, Mathematics.
  • Geography, Biology, Physics.
  • Biology, Chemistry, Psychology.

What are the subjects in JC?

“A” level subjects include Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, History, Geography, Art, Art with Higher Art (A-level) taken by students in the Art Elective Programme, Theatre Studies and Drama, Computing, Higher Chinese, Chinese (A-level) Language Elective …

What is the subject combination for JC?

As everyone knows, two very common subject combinations in JC are PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Economics) and BCME (Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Economics). The only difference is one subject but this one subject can make a huge difference in the future, such as your university course.

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