How do you store paper documents long term?

How do you store paper documents long term?

Caring for Your Paper Documents

  1. Store papers in a cool, dry, dark environment.
  2. Heat and humidity can cause paper to become brittle or moldy, and light can cause fading or yellowing.
  3. Store papers in archival containers.
  4. Boxes, paper sleeves, folders, or mats should always be preservation quality.

How do you preserve old letters and documents?

Consider placing your letters and documents in acid-free envelopes, archival crystal clear bags, or three-ring page protectors, all of which will keep delicate papers from being exposed to harmful dust, moisture and household pollutants.

What can you do with old letters and cards?

What to Do With Old Cards & Letters

  1. Scan & store them on your computer.
  2. Tuck them in your scrapbook or journal.
  3. Keep them so you can one day give them back to the writer.
  4. Repurpose them into tags & gift cards.
  5. Repurpose them into scrapbook & journal embellishments.
  6. Repurpose card tops into postcards.
  7. Donate card tops.

Should you keep old love letters?

I don’t think it should matter if you keep notes and letters, especially since they’re just memories, like pictures in an old photo album. It doesn’t feel right to throw something sentimental in the trash. Even though those feelings aren’t true anymore, they were at one time, and it’s sad to get rid of them.

Who takes unused greeting cards?

Jude’s Ranch accepts used all-occasion greeting cards year round. They recycle them to create new greeting cards that are then sold to support their programs for abused, neglected and homeless children and families.

Should I keep old greeting cards?

It is okay to keep special cards. However, not all cards are meant to be kept forever or are equal in sentimental value. A hand-made creation with a heartfelt note is different than a generic store card with just a signature at the bottom. Too often people feel obligated to keep every card out of guilt or tradition.

Do you throw away greeting cards?

Old Greeting Cards Unless the card had something particularly sentimental and meaningful written inside, throw it away. “Happy Birthday, Love Mom” does not count.

Is there a market for old greeting cards?

Old greeting cards sell for fairly good money, and again they don’t have to be “antique” to qualify. Here’s the really oddball part though, they don’t need to be mint or unused to sell. People will buy used vintage greeting cards for good money. Take a look on eBay under Collectibles > Paper > Vintage Greeting Cards >.

Does anyone collect old Christmas cards?

Most Christmas cards are paper based so they can be recycled quite easily, along with the envelopes. You can recycle them in your own household recycling collection or take them to local recycling points, such as at household waste recycling centres or collection banks in supermarket car parks.

What should I do with used Christmas cards?

  1. 6 craft ideas for recycling and reusing Christmas cards. New Year’s Eve decorations.
  2. Next year’s Christmas decorations. If you are guilty of being a bit of a sentimental hoarder, then this one is perfect for you.
  3. Gift boxes.
  4. Gift tags.
  6. 24 eco-friendly Christmas crackers.

What can you do with leftover Christmas cards?

What To Do With Old Christmas Cards

  1. Go to a Recycling Center. If you’re looking to get rid of a bulk pile of cards, go green.
  2. Upcycle Them Into a Christmas Card Craft. If you want to transform your old greeting cards into a forever keepsake or fun holiday decorations, we have you covered.
  3. Donate Old Greeting Cards.

What can I make with used Christmas cards?

Ideas For Upcycling Or Repurposing Used Christmas Cards From Readers

  • Make Gift Tags:
  • Make Into Next Year’s Christmas Time Planner:
  • Make Ornaments:
  • Make A Prayer Book:
  • Create To Do List, Shopping & Errands Lists:
  • Make Placemats:
  • Make Bookmarks:
  • Other Cool Ideas.

Who do I send extra Christmas cards to?

  • Family. Start with your family when it comes to sending Christmas cards.
  • Friends. Stay in touch with your friends by sending them a Merry Christmas card with a handwritten message.
  • Co-Workers.
  • Boss.
  • Other Business Contacts or Clients.
  • Neighbors.
  • Community Members.
  • Family Doctor or Dentist.

Is it rude not to send Christmas cards?

There’s no rudeness inherent in dropping someone from your card list, especially if you’re sending standard cards instead of email cards. Money is hard to come by this year, so if you’ve been thinking about trimming names off your list, this will be a good time. Christmas card manners allow it.

When should I give out Christmas cards?

Answer: Send out Christmas cards to family and friends 2-3 weeks before Christmas day. You should always send out Christmas cards during the first full week of December to avoid sending your cards out too early or too late.

How many Christmas cards does the average person send?

The mean number sent out ranged from 11 to 149, averaging out to about 68, though many cards were addressed to couples or families. About 21 percent of cards were sent to family members.

Who has the best deal on Christmas cards?

Find the Perfect Holiday Card

  • Amazon Prints. Amazon is a great place to order holiday cards on a budget.
  • CVS Photo. While it might not be the first place you think of, CVS Photo has hundreds of card options to personalize with prices starting at just $.
  • Etsy.
  • Minted.
  • Paper Culture.
  • Shutterfly.
  • Tiny Prints.

Is sending Christmas cards a thing of the past?

You can keep a Christmas card for years, and look back fondly on festive seasons past. Although you can certainly keep a text message, it’s no match for seeing your loved one’s handwriting there on the page. Christmas cards also feel much more personal than a text or e-mail.

What is the world record for the most Christmas cards sent by one person in one year?


How many Xmas cards were printed in 1880?

Until 1840, postage was too expensive for most, but thanks to the introduction of the penny post on January 10, cards became more accessible. After that the practice rapidly increased with 11.5 million cards being produced in 1880 alone.

Which US state declared Christmas a legal holiday first?


Where did xmas come from?

The word Christmas comes from the combination of the words ‘Christ’ and ‘mass. ‘ But where did the X in Xmas come from, and what does it mean? In the Greek alphabet, X is the symbol for the letter ‘chi. ‘ Chi (or X) is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ.

Is it OK to say Xmas?

The term ‘XMAS’ doesn’t actually take the Christ out of Christmas, experts say. Christmas is also known on paper as XMAS. But some people just don’t agree with the spelling of the holiday.

Why do people say Xmas instead of Christmas?

Xmas (also X-mas) is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. The “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Christós (Greek: Χριστός), which became Christ in English. The suffix -mas is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass.

Is Xmas sacrilegious?

6: Abbreviating Christmas as “Xmas” is Sacrilegious A secular X. An impersonal, present-and-Santa-seeking X. But if we take a closer look, writing “Xmas” isn’t a necessarily a slam against the son of God.

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