How do you take the transmission out of a Pontiac Grand Prix?

How do you take the transmission out of a Pontiac Grand Prix?

How to Remove the Transmission on the 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

  1. Position the vehicle on the lift.
  2. Lift the vehicle up enough to slide under it.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  4. Unplug the wiring harness connectors on the transmission.
  5. Remove the transmission filler tube, using the appropriate socket.

How much is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix worth?

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Value – $451-$2,974 | Edmunds.

Is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix a good car?

Good fuel economy, good power-no fears when passing. Big, heavy, solid car..the way I like em! Has 140K on it and it runs, and drives like new, rides great and with snow tires will go where my truck will! Very glad I bought a Grand Prix, would do it all over again!

Does a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix have a chip in the key?

Like most late model vehicles, this 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix key has a transponder chip MEGAMOS 13 (part of your automobile security system) in the head of the key. Most of us are not aware of the fact because the chip is not visible and molded inside of the black plastic head.

How do you program a key for a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Turn ignition to the ON position and back to OFF.

  1. Remove the existing key and within 10 seconds insert new key and turn it to the ON position.
  2. The security light will light up for 2 seconds to indicate successful programming of the additional key. Remove key from ignition.
  3. Insert key and start vehicle to test key.

What does hotwiring a car mean?

Hot-wiring is the process of bypassing a motor vehicle’s ignition switch and thus starting it without the key. It is often utilized during a vehicle theft.

Why does hotwiring a car work?

The toggle portion activates the starter to crank the motor over. To hotwire the idea is to connect power to the on/off wire to turn on essential electronics and then to hold the toggle wire to the power until the engine starts.

What happens when you hotwire a car?

Yes but it damages the ignition and if done improperly, it can damage the column as well. If the car is equipped with an immobilizer you will be able to turn the dash on but still wont be able to start it.

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