How do you use adjudication in a sentence?

How do you use adjudication in a sentence?

Adjudication in a Sentence ?

  1. Because the divorcing couple couldn’t decide on who would keep the house or the children, they had to go to court for an official adjudication.
  2. The judge explained that the official adjudication process includes reviewing of the evidence and a final decision being made by the court.

What does the term adjudicated mean?

: to make an official decision about who is right in (a dispute) : to settle judicially The school board will adjudicate claims made against teachers. intransitive verb. : to act as judge The court can adjudicate on this dispute.

What is another word for arbitrate?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for arbitrate, like: smooth-out, reconcile, employ diplomacy, referee, conciliate, law, adjust differences, hear-both-sides, act as arbiter, parley and placate.

What is another word for positively?

What is another word for positively?

certainly definitely
assuredly surely
unmistakably absolutely
conclusively confidently
indubitably undeniably

What are antonyms for arbitrate?

arbitrate. Antonyms: dispute, claim, appeal, misdetermine, litigate, contend, misjudge. Synonyms: settle, adjust, compose, decide, determine, accommodate, adjudicate.

How do you use arbitrated in a sentence?

Arbitrated sentence example In 1885 he successfully arbitrated between Germany and Spain in a dispute concerning the Caroline Islands. After driving Alexander out, he passed into Macedonia and arbitrated between two claimants to the throne. arbitrated on behalf of the company in a dispute with the contractors.

What is mean by arbitrates?

transitive verb. 1 : to act as arbiter upon (a disputed question) : to settle (a dispute between two people or groups) after hearing the arguments and opinions of both She arbitrated the dispute. 2 : to submit or refer for decision to an arbiter agreed to arbitrate their differences.

What is arbitration with example?

An example of an arbitration would be when two people who are divorcing cannot agree on terms and allow a third party to come in to help them negotiate. Arbitration proceeding that is final and binding by prior agreement of the parties, or by legal rule or statute; no right of appeal or further proceedings.

What is arbitration and how does it work?

Arbitration is a private process where disputing parties agree that one or several individuals can make a decision about the dispute after receiving evidence and hearing arguments. When arbitration is binding, the decision is final, can be enforced by a court, and can only be appealed on very narrow grounds.

How long does an arbitrator decision take?

How long does it take. You can usually expect to hear the arbitrator’s decision within 45 days of the arbitrator closing the proceedings. However, this timescale is usually set by agreement between you, the other party and the arbitrator.

How do you start arbitration proceedings?

The arbitration process usually starts with the complaining party giving notice to the other about their intent to arbitrate a dispute. The notice includes the nature and basis for the proceeding. Following this notice the other party has a period of time to file a written response.

What are the different kinds of arbitration?

A few types of arbitrations in India on the basis of jurisdiction

  • Domestic Arbitration.
  • International Arbitration.
  • International Commercial Arbitration.
  • Institutional arbitration.
  • Ad-hoc arbitration.
  • Fast track arbitration.
  • Does India have the infrastructure to support institutional arbitration?

What are the steps in the arbitration process?

To give you an idea of the process that arbitration typically involves, the American Arbitration Association describes artibtration as having five main steps:

  1. Filing and initiation.
  2. Arbitrator selection.
  3. Preliminary hearing.
  4. Information exchange and preparation.
  5. Hearings.
  6. Post hearing submissions.
  7. Award.

What are the legal requirements and steps involved in arbitration proceedings?

1. arbitration clause: the clause which state that the parties will adopt arbitration method to resolve the dispute. 2. Arbitration notice: in case of dispute between the parties arise, the party will send a notice to the defaulting party for initiating the procedure of arbitration known as arbitration notice.

What is arbitral proceedings?

Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.

How are proceedings are conducted?

On the first day of hearing, if the court thinks there are merits in the case, it will issue notice to the opposite party, to submit their arguments, and fix a date. File 2 copies of plaint for each defendant in the court, i.e. if there are 3 defendants, 6 copies has to be filed.

When can an arbitral proceedings be terminated?

1. The arbitral proceedings shall be terminated by the final arbitral award or by an order of the arbitral tribunal under sub-section (2). c. the arbitral tribunal finds that the continuation of the proceedings has for any other mason become unnecessary or impossible.

What is conciliation proceedings?

Conciliation and arbitration proceedings The purpose of conciliation proceedings is to reach an amicable, swift and cost-efficient settlement of a dispute. If the parties to a dispute formally agree to submit it to conciliation, ICMA assigns a member of its panel of conciliators as conciliator to the case.

Who can terminate conciliation proceedings?

The conciliation proceedings are terminated by written declaration of the parties addressed to the conciliator to the effect that the conciliation proceedings are terminated. Here the date of termination of conciliation proceedings is the date of the declaration.

Can conciliation proceedings be used as evidence?

cannot be used as evidence in any arbitral or judicial proceedings.

What is an example of conciliation?

Typical examples of the types of issue dealt with in the conciliation process include claims for improvements in pay or conditions of employment, disciplinary cases, grading issues, disputes arising from proposed changes to the way work is done, company restructuring etc.

Where is conciliation used?

The conciliator usually has some experience of the matter in dispute and can advise the parties of their rights and obligations. Conciliation can be used for disputes where you need to uphold your rights, or need advice on what your rights and responsibilities are, such as in equal opportunity disputes.

What is a conciliatory agreement?

Conciliation agreements are the result of a third party helping parties resolve a dispute. The process is similar to mediation in that a conciliator assists parties to reach an agreed resolution. However, a conciliator expresses opinions about the merits of the dispute but does not decide the conflicts for the parties.

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