How does a Beylogger work?

How does a Beylogger work?

A Beylogger is a Japan-only accessory to the Japanese manufactured (Takara-Tomy, not Hasbro) launcher. It used 2 AAA batteries and can connect to a phone with a Japanese-language app to record stats such as wins/losses, launch speed, and other things.

What does a Beyblade BeyLogger do?

A BeyLogger is a Beyblade accessory device released by Takara-Tomy that serves to measure launch speed as well as the number of launches made. It must be attached to a launcher from the Beyblade Burst series of any type besides the Proto Launcher and fits on top of the Launcher Grip as well.

What is Wbba?

The WBBA is a Japanese organisation run by Takara Tomy to promote the Metal Saga toyline by hosting tournaments and giving away prizes to Bladers who achieve a certain amount of points using the Beypointer. These give access to a Bey Ta 1 arcade machine, which allows players to test their Beyblades and win prizes.

How old are Beyblade?


What are the Beyblade rules?

Official BeyBlade Battle Rules

  • In a Beyblade battle, at least two bladers compete.
  • Competitors who launch their Beyblades prior to the signal loses the round.
  • The Beyblade battle ends when one Beyblade stops spinning.
  • Only one launch per battle is allowed.
  • Each round will consist of 3 battles.

Who is the director of the Wbba?

WBBA Board Positions

President Joe Eckerle
North Star/Senior League Director Keith Anderson
Tryout Director John Alexander
Equipment Director Rich Jacka
Equipment Coordinator John Setterlund

Is Gwyn a boy or girl Beyblade?

Gwyn is a boy of average height with pale skin, fuchsia eyes, and white hair kept in a side braid.

Is Gwyn a bad guy?

Gwyn is noted as being the central villain of Dark Souls. However, he is ultimately doing what he thinks is best. He is doing what he can to prolong the Age of Fire, a time that he views to be filled with prosperity.

How old is zakuro?

11 years old

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