How does a harmonica work physics?

How does a harmonica work physics?

An air stream passes over the reeds into or out of chambers in the comb and causes the reeds to vibrate. It is this vibration of the air stream that makes the harmonica sound. The reeds are not like guitar strings, which vibrate to make the sound which is amplified by the acoustics of the guitar body.

How does a homemade harmonica work?

Airflow around the rubber band also affects the sound. The air flowing above and below causes the rubber band between the craft sticks to vibrate due to disturbance in the air. Like most objects, the rubber band has a natural frequency at which it vibrates most easily.

How does the sound coming from one thing like the speaker make another thing far away like the window move?

We figure out these concepts: A speaker making sounds can be detected from a distance and can even cause things like a nearby window to move. The speaker moves back and forth when it is making sound. All objects move back and forth (vibrate) when making sounds.

How does sound travel through the medium from the source to the receiver?

To reach the receiver, the vibrations need a medium of transmission such as air or water. Vibrations from the sound source disturb molecules in the medium. As the vibration travels through the medium each molecule hits another and returns to its original position.

Which drum makes a sound that fades away faster?

Fading away of sound waves depends on the wavelength of the sound. The one that has a loud sound with high frequency will have a brighter sound. While the more mellow one will have the bassier sound. Therefore, the sound with a more mellow sound will fade away faster.

How can we tell this is happening does the drum skin stop vibrating or does it keep going?

The vibrations will slow and then stop. How can we tell this is happening? Does the drum skin stop vibrating or does it keep going? We know this because there is no noise afterwards.

Why can sound not travel through space?

Sound does not travel at all in space. The vacuum of outer space has essentially zero air. Because sound is just vibrating air, space has no air to vibrate and therefore no sound.

What medium can sound not travel through?

But it seems that in some circumstances, sound can jump between objects in a vacuum after all. Sound waves are travelling vibrations of particles in media such as air, water or metal. So it stands to reason that they cannot travel through empty space, where there are no atoms or molecules to vibrate.

What medium is the loudest sound?

The experiment showed that Solid was the best of the 3 mediums for the sound to travel the loudest. Liquid medium was in the second place. Air medium gave the worst result.

Which medium will sound travel the fastest?


Where does light travel the fastest?

Explain that unlike sound, light waves travel fastest through a vacuum and air, and slower through other materials such as glass or water.

What is the slowest speed light can travel?

The speed of light is normally about 186,000 miles per second, or fast enough to go around the world seven times in the wink of eye. Scientists succeeded in slowing it down to 38 mph. They did this by shooting a laser through extremely cold sodium atoms, which worked like “optical molasses” to slow the light down.

Is it possible to slow down the speed of light?

In a vacuum like space, the speed of light is just over 186,280 miles per second. Scientists have now shown it’s possible to slow it down to zero miles per second without sacrificing its brightness, regardless of its frequency or bandwidth.

Why does light travel slower through glass?

Electromagnetic waves simply travel slower through glass than through air. So the wave crests are closer to each other, but the light still oscillates the same number of times per second. When light goes through glass, it gets knocked around and bumps into all sorts of molecules and electrons.

Which travels more slowly in glass?

Violet light travels slower in glass than red light does.

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