How does a stroke affect someone socially?

How does a stroke affect someone socially?

Confusion, shock, helplessness, grief, guilt, anger and depression are some of the many feelings family members may experience. Some feelings may be directed toward the individual with the stroke. These feelings are common reactions.

How does a stroke affect someone physically?

Some of the most common effects of stroke are physical. You may experience muscle weakness, paralysis, stiffness, or changes in sensation, usually on one side of your body. These effects can make it harder to move some parts of your body, and you may struggle with everyday activities.

Can having a stroke change your personality?

A stroke changes life for the survivor and everyone involved. Not only do survivors experience physical changes, but many experience personality changes ranging from apathy to neglect.

Can a stroke affect your thinking?

Stroke can affect how you think, remember and perceive things. Your treating team will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program. Difficulties with your thinking, memory or perception can put you in danger. Thinking, memory and perception can improve with practice.

Does a stroke affect memory?

A stroke often leads to short-term memory loss. Most people don’t realize that a stroke doesn’t leave you with just physical limitations. After a stroke many people struggle with cognitive tasks like planning, solving problems and concentrating.

Why do stroke victims cry so much?

PBA happens when stroke damages areas in the brain that control how emotion is expressed. The damage causes short circuits in brain signals, which trigger these involuntary episodes of laughing or crying.

What do stroke victims feel?

Stroke impacts the brain, and the brain controls our behavior and emotions. You or your loved one may experience feelings of irritability, forgetfulness, carelessness or confusion. Feelings of anger, anxiety or depression are also common.

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