How does the narrator try to console the old man does it affect the old man in a positive way?

How does the narrator try to console the old man does it affect the old man in a positive way?

Does it affect the old man in a positive way? Answer: The soldier tells the old man that the animals would survive and the doves would fly away. But the old man is not consoled as he continues to worry about the others, the goats.

Why is the narrator left in despair at the end of the story old man at the bridge?

Answer. Answer: The narrator is left in a state of despair at the end of the story because he is worried about the old man but is unable to offer him any help. The narrator is a scout of sorts for the camp of soldiers fighting against the fascists.

What does the narrator mean when he says there was nothing to do about him?

In the story,Old man at the Bridge,the narrator explains the old man’s condition by saying ,”There was nothing to do with him” which means that he(narrator) can’t do anything.

Where does the narrator want the old man to go Why does the old man thank the narrator?

Answer. The narrator asked the old man to catch the ride in truck to Barcelona and save his life from enemy so, he thank the narrator for showing the concern about his life.

How old the man is without politics How does his old age affect him?

As the age comes the Power to walk & fight goes away….”…the old man is not in politics as he was just taking care of his animals….and nothing else…his old age has made him too weak to walk….he has left his homes and thus all his memories are being burned by the aggressors…..he hated to leave his town but .

Where does the narrator ask the old man to go?

Answer. The narrator told the old man to leave the town and go to the Barcelona by truck as Fascists are advancing towards the pontoon bridge and there will be battle between armies which would be unsafe for the old man. the old man does not follows it as he was anxious about his animals.

Why was the old man asked to leave his hometown Why was he the last to leave his place?

In the story, the old man tells the narrator that he was told by the army captain to leave. The old man left his home in San Carlos because his town was under enemy attack. Despite his decision, however, he regrets that he had to leave his animals behind.

Why did the old man refused to go to Barcelona?

When the narrator suggests that the old man can get on an evacuation truck going to Barcelona, he is reluctant because he says he doesn’t know anyone there. Ultimately, the real reason the old man is reluctant to move on is because San Carlos is his home and he has never known anywhere else.

What does the old man worry about and why?

It was the old man’s belief that he must watch and take care of the cat, goats, pigeons in San Carlos. As he felt that he is unable to take proper responsibilities so was guilty and wondered what will the animals do in his absence.

What does the old man symbolize?

The old man symbolizes all innocent refugees who have been displaced by the horrific realities of wars that they do not understand. He represents all such common folk, the main victims of war, who lose their homes and their livelihoods and their possessions when war breaks out around them.

Why did the old man say I was only taking care of animals explain?

Answer. The old man said that he was only taking care of animals because he was not having a family . He just have his animals whom he loved the most . Moreover, he is worried about his animals as they were abandoned by him because of war.

What is all good luck that the old man will have?

Answer. Explanation: The good luck that the old would ever have is that the cat can look after itself so the could survive their. The enemy planes were not up in the sky due to the overcast weather conditions.

What is the first question that the narrator ask the old man?

Answer. Answer: The first question that the narrator asks the old man is that where did he came from. The old mam replied that he was from San Carlos and he smiled because the mention of his native town gave him pleasure.

Why does the old man look blank and tired?

Answer: the old man looked tired and blank because he was totally exhausted by travelling such a long way and has lost the hope to live because he losend his family(the animals).

What are the two pieces of luck in the old man at the bridge?

He thinks cynically to himself that the old man’s two pieces of luck are that his cats will be able to fend for themselves and that it is too overcast for the German soldiers to bomb the bridge and surrounding area this day.

What advice does the narrator give to the old man?

The narrator advices the old man not to keep sitting by the road side,near the pontoon bridge across the river to which all kinds of vehicle and people were crossing to get away from possible. The old man reacts positively to the young soldiers advice. He is told to get up and try to walk.

What was the narrator doing at the bridge Why?

Why? What was the speaker doing at the bridge in Hemingway’s story “Old Man at the Bridge”? The narrator of the story, the author Hemingway himself, was there to explore the bridgehead and find out to what point the enemy forces had advanced. Earnest Hemingway was a war correspondent covering the Spanish Civil War.

What is the message of the story old man at the bridge?

The Old Man at the Bridge, with its theme of war, violence, duty, kindness and the trauma of displacement is a short story wherein a tale of human suffering is laid out succinctly in a short yet powerful narrative by Ernest Hemingway.

Why can’t the old man walk further Why does he refuse to do so?

The old man could not walk further and he refused to do so because he was seventy-six years old man and had travelled twelve kilometers from his home town San Carlos to the pontoon bridge in the story old man at the bridge.

What is the irony in old man at the bridge?

The irony is that like a goat which is sacrificed, the old man`s fate is sealed on an Easter Sunday, a day of hope and faith. Neither the old peasant nor the war is identified by name in the story, for the idea of the tragic sacrifices of uninvolved men in every war is universal.

What message is the poet trying to convey through the old man’s reply?

Answer. “The Old Man at the Bridge” by Ernest Hemingway is the tragedy of war. The author’s intention is to illustrate the way wars disrupt the lives of innocent people who are caught up in the middle, but also the way it frustrates those who cannot do anything about it (0bservers and foreigners).

What made the old man smile?

Answer: The narrator asked the old man where he came from. The old man replied, “ San Carlos”, and he smiled because the mention of his native town gave him pleasure.

What does Easter Sunday symbolize in old man at the bridge?

The refrence very casual to Easter sunday is perehaps intention to remind the reader Of Saviour Jesus whose message is of peace and of taking care of the needy poor and helpless but one the same day the old man is going to suffer and his poor animals are going to be victum of the tragedy which is just opposite of the …

Where does the story the old man at the bridge take place?


Who was the narrator of the story old man at the bridge?

The Scout

What is the climax of Old Man at the Bridge?

The sixth part contains the climax of the story. The officer keeps telling the old man to leave the place watching the far end of the bank where now “there were no carts”. “The old man got to his feet, swayed from side to side and sat down backwards in the sand”.

What does the goat symbolize in old man at the bridge?

(d)Goats- Symbolizes helplessness – the one that cannot escape. The old man is worried about his goats because goats cannot take care of themselves. The old man himself is a goat figure here because he is one of those innocent victims who are sacrificed to the war like a goat that is sacrificial animal.

What does the bridge symbolize?

The bridge is inherently symbolic of communication and union, whether it be between heaven and earth or two distinct realms. In dreams, a bridge symbolizes the passage from one state to another, higher one, like an ascension; it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

What does it mean to dream about crossing a bridge over water?

Dreaming of bridge over water means that you are creative and lax; it is important be hard-working, well-organized and busy. If the water was rough (like the ocean), you could be worried about something. And if the bridge was unstable, it may foreshadow trouble in a friendship or romantic relationship.

What is the meaning of bridge the gap?

: to have qualities of two different groups or things —often + between His work bridges the gap between popular fiction and serious literature.

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