How does Topamax interfere with birth control?

How does Topamax interfere with birth control?

One disadvantage of topiramate is that it can cause your body to metabolize, or break down, certain drugs more rapidly than normal, reducing the efficacy of these medications. One such medication is estrogen, the key ingredient of estrogen-based birth control pills.

Will 25 mg of Topamax affect birth control?

Low-Dose Topiramate Does Not Interact with Oral Contraceptives.

Can you get pregnant while taking Topamax?

Some antiepileptic medications may cause abnormal sperm, resulting in infertility in men. However, there is no specific information on topiramate and male fertility. In general, exposures that fathers have are unlikely to increase risks to a pregnancy.

Will 25 mg of Topamax cause weight loss?

Topamax for weight loss Topamax isn’t approved for weight loss. However, the drug may reduce your appetite, which may lead you to lose weight. In clinical studies, weight loss occurred in 6% to 17% of people who took Topamax.

Is topiramate 50mg used for weight loss?

Yes, topiramate (Topamax) has been shown to cause weight loss when used for both seizure control and migraine prevention. Topiramate (used by itself) is not specifically approved by the FDA for weight loss, but some doctors may prescribe it if you have seizures or migraine and need to lose weight, too.

Does everyone lose weight on Topamax?

Clinical trials have shown that about 6%-17% of people who take Topamax will experience weight loss, and while many people may see this as an added benefit, losing too much weight isn’t a good thing.

Will I gain weight on Topamax?

This meta-analysis found that topiramate was associated with weight loss or attenuated weight gain when compared to controls (−2.83 kg; 95% CI, −4.62 to −1.03).

Does Topamax cause permanent memory loss?

Topamax may be associated with dementia and should be used with caution in older patients. Still, it has not been well established that Topamax can cause permanent memory loss.

Does Topamax make you dumb?

Topamax can have significant side effects, most notably difficulties with memory, attention and concentration. Some doctors jokingly call the drug ”Dopeamax,” and say it can make patients ”skinny and stupid.

How common is memory loss on Topamax?

Early clinical studies of topiramate as add-on treatment in patients with drug-refractory partial epilepsy report concentration and memory problems in up to 10% of subjects [Ben-Menachem et al.

How long can you stay on Topamax?

Since Topamax can stay in your system for up to six days, women should be aware that the medication reduces the effectiveness of birth control, so they need to take further precautions against pregnancy.

Why is low carb bad while taking Topamax?

Topiramate can increase body temperature and decrease sweating, leading to life-threatening dehydration (especially in children). Avoid the use of a ketogenic or “ketosis” diet (high in fat, low in carbohydrates) while you are taking topiramate. Topiramate may cause blurred vision or impair your thinking or reactions.

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