How far is it correct that no country is a perfect democracy?

How far is it correct that no country is a perfect democracy?

All the citizens in India are equal before the law. And most important thing is that Constitution has granted Fundamental Rights to all the Citizens to live their life on their own way of living.So , Therefore , we cannot say that no country has perfect democracy in the World .

What is the role of citizens in promoting democracy?

By voting, citizens are participating in the democratic process. Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests. There are two special rights only for U.S. citizens: voting in federal elections and running for federal office.

What is the role of citizens in democracy Class 9?

(i) Citizens exercise their rights and freedoms and get benefited from democratic set-up. (ii) They must be aware of their rights and duties. (iii) They should be aware of the issues and problems the country is facing. (iv) They must cooperate in maintaining law and order.

How are mistakes corrected in a democracy?

Answer Expert Verified In the end, after the public pressure and without any support from other parties, ruling party has to change their decision and it fixes the mistake. Otherwise ruling party will not have any more votes in the upcoming elections.

What do you understand by room for correction?

room of correction means that there is a chance for the rulers to correct their mistakes or the rulers can be changed.

What happens if a mistake is corrected in time?

Answer. Answer: The mistake is solved.

How do you fix speaking mistakes?

15 ways to correct spoken errors

  1. Collect the errors for later.
  2. Facial expression.
  3. Body language.
  4. Point at the correct language.
  5. Repeat what they said.
  6. Just say the right version.
  7. Tell them how many mistakes.
  8. Use grammatical terminology to identify the mistake.

Which is the best form of error correction?


What is the correction?

When you fix a mistake, you make a correction, a change that rights a wrong. When you correct a misspelled word, you’ve made a correction. Well done! Correction also applies to punishment, which is another way to right a wrong. A correction is an improvement or a revision when there’s something that needs to be fixed.

What are the types of error correction?

There are three major types of error correction.

  • Automatic repeat request (ARQ)
  • Forward error correction.
  • Hybrid schemes.
  • Minimum distance coding.
  • Repetition codes.
  • Parity bit.
  • Checksum.
  • Cyclic redundancy check.

How do I correct ESL students mistakes?

9 Powerful Ways to Correct your Student’s Mistakes Without Destroying Their Confidence

  1. Praise them, and be genuine about it.
  2. Make sure your corrections are educational.
  3. Give understandable feedback.
  4. Give them a model.
  5. It’s all about the process, NOT natural ability.
  6. Think about timing.
  7. Consider ‘sandwiching’ corrections.

How many types of error correction are there ABA?

three types

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