How long do guppies live in a bowl?

How long do guppies live in a bowl?

In short: the life span of a guppy fish depends on multiple factors. Generally guppies live for 1-3 years, but I had guppies that were 5 years old. Good guppy genetics, feeding quality food, good water parameters and lack of stress can help with extending the lifespan of your guppy fish.

Can you keep guppies in a fishbowl?

No, you should not keep guppies in a fish bowl. In fact, you should avoid keeping any type of fish in a glass bowl.

Can guppies live without a heater?

So do they need a heater? Guppies do not need a heater to survive, but they will not thrive in colder water. The ideal temperature for guppies to thrive in is 72-82 °F (22-28 °C) It is recommended to use a heater to maintain your water temperature.

How long can guppies go without heater?

I live in Continental climate, where in the winter the temperature often drops under freezing level. Through I’m still able to keep guppies outside in my yard for 6-7 months without using a heater.

Are plastic plants bad for guppy fish?

Plastic plants can damage your fish. Plastic plants are often not suitable to use in tanks with fish that can easily be damaged, like telescope eye goldfish or long-tailed bettas. The last thing you want is a damaged eye or a torn fin, so stick to silk plants with these guys.

Can fake plants kill fish?

Artificial aquarium plants can harm sensitive fish, especially plastic plants. They do not absorb nitrates and carbon dioxide in the water nor provide fish with oxygen, thus they have no biological value in the tank. Artificial plants do not inhibit algae growth, but they do not help with it either.

Can you mix real and fake plants in aquarium?

When it comes to mixing live and fake plants in aquariums, you are going to have to focus on the ratio of each. This means you are going to want to go with an 60-40 split. By doing this, you are going to add oxygen to the fish tank while making sure you don’t have to keep switching out plants regularly.

Can you have too many fake plants in aquarium?

Absolutely nothing wrong with them as long as you stay on top of your water changes (as they will not be helping you keep nitrates down).

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