How long is a 2004 Road King?

How long is a 2004 Road King?

96.1 inches

How long is a Road King Classic?

There’s a reason we call this one the Road King® Classic…

Do all road kings have cruise control?

It comes with cruise control All in all, it makes the entire experience more comfortable.

How much is a 2013 Road King worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $18,704 $14,160
Options (Add)
Total Price $18,704 $14,160

How much does a 2013 Harley Road King weight?

2013 Harley-Davidson Road King specifications, pictures, reviews and rating

General information
Dry weight: 355.2 kg (783.0 pounds)
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 367.9 kg (811.0 pounds)
Seat height: 678 mm (26.7 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall length: 2464 mm (97.0 inches)

How long is a 2015 Road King?

97.0 inches

How much is a 2017 Road King?

The Harley-Davidson Road King has an impressive lineage. This chrome cruiser can be traced all the way back to Harley’s 1941 FL model, starting with a 1210cc Knucklehead engine…

What is the heaviest Harley Davidson?

Harley Road Glide Ultra

What is the lightest weight Harley?

The new Harley-Davidson Street 750 is among the company’s lightest and nimble motorcycles. Harley-Davidson’s new Street 500s and 750s are the smallest and least expensive motorcycles the company has put onto the road in decades.

Which is the costliest bike in the world?

Most Expensive Big Motor Bikes in the World

  1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $11 million.
  2. 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine – $7 Million.
  3. Ecosse ES1 Spirit – $3.6 million.
  4. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller – $3.5 million.
  5. BMS Nehmesis – $3 million.
  6. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1.5 million.
  7. Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $550,000.

Which is the most powerful bike in the world?

The 10 most powerful motorcycles in the world

  • Kawasaki Ninja H2R (2016)
  • Marine Turbine Technologies Y2K Turbine Superbike (2001)
  • Munch Mammut 2000 (2000)
  • FGR Midalu 2500 V6 (2011)
  • Ducati 1299 Panigale Superleggera (2017)
  • Suzuki GSX-R1000R (2017)
  • Aprilia 1000 RSV4 RR (2017)
  • 10-tie. Yamaha YZF-R1 (2016)

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