How long is Harley-Davidson warranty?

How long is Harley-Davidson warranty?

2 years

What is the factory warranty on a Harley-Davidson?

All new Harley-Davidson® motorcycles come with a 2 year, unlimited warranty. All used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that fall within the original terms of the warranty are covered by the warranty until the warranty expires.

Is the Harley-Davidson extended warranty worth it?

One thing that the Harley-Davidson extended service plan does is provide peace of mind. If you ride your bike frequently and don’t want to get stuck with potentially expensive repair bills, then it’s worth considering.

How much is the Harley extended warranty?

How much does Harley Davidson extended warranty cost?

Length of Warranty Average Dealer Quote
4 years/unlimited miles $1,100
5 years/unlimited miles $1,250
6 years/unlimited miles $1,450
7 years/unlimited miles $1,750

What voids a Harley warranty?

Technically, you can void the warranty if you or an unauthorized entity (instead of a Harley dealership) installs Screamin’ Eagle parts or other performance parts. To be on the safe side, you should wait for the warranty to expire before you start to customize it.

Does Vance and Hines Fuelpak void warranty?

Will the Fuelpak void my warranty? Answer: Some dealers will still honor the factory warranty after a Fuelpak installation, but some will not. It is up to your dealer. Often the dealer will honor the warranty if you pay them to do the Fuelpak installation.

Does changing handlebars void Harley warranty?

Harley will void your warranty for any modifications even something as simple as changing your handlebars.

Does removing baffles void warranty?

Will removing baffles void warranty? BAFFLES AND WARRANTY. They will not void anything unless it causes a problem, for example punching your baffles would not have anything to do with a problem with your brakes but if you burned a valve out they could say it was caused by the exuast mod.

What happens if you take the baffles out of exhaust?

It is possible to damage your engine by removing baffles from your exhaust. Removing baffles from the exhaust provides for a freer flowing exhaust, causing your exhaust to become louder and flow more air or flow air faster.

Does removing dB killer affect engine?

Does removing dB killers affect performance? Removing dB killers doesn’t affect performance but it will make the motorcycle louder.

Can you take the baffles out of Vance and Hines pipes?

Is it safe to remove the baffles from my Vance & Hines exhaust system? As long as your motorcycle is tuned appropriately, you can safely remove the baffles in most cases. Yes, we do offer replacement baffles for the majority of our exhaust systems.

Will running straight pipes hurt my motorcycle engine?

If you are busy and want the quick answer – straight piping a motorcycle will not damage the engine. However, you could lose some horsepower because exhaust scavenging is reduced and emission from your motorcycles will be massive – making it illegal. If that’s too much to digest, don’t worry.

Can straight pipes hurt your engine?

The straight pipe exhaust system does not hurt the engine in any way. Since the system has no muffler, it produces pure and raw sounds from the engine. If you install the straight pipe exhaust system, it helps to improve the sound of your engine.

Is it illegal to straight pipe your motorcycle?

Q: Aren’t the exceedingly noisy straight pipes on motorcycles illegal? A: Yes, noisy mufflers are illegal on motorcycles, according to Huntsville police Sgt. Mark Shahan. Factory mufflers on motorcycles are legal, but often times, owners change out mufflers, resulting in the increased noise, Shahan said.

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