How long is Silverstone circuit in miles?

How long is Silverstone circuit in miles?

3.667 mi

How many laps is Silverstone F1?


Is Silverstone a fast circuit?

“Silverstone is the first circuit on the schedule with that amount of really high-speed corners, which have become flat as we’ve moved into this era of high-downforce, high-grip cars,” Shovlin said, speaking exclusively to Motor Sport.

Is Silverstone a difficult track?

After the high speed right of Copse comes the infamous left-right-left-right-left of Maggots, Becketts and Chapel. Difficult, high-speed and exciting this is one of the most enjoyable sequence of corners anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost to go to Silverstone?

Prices vary massively from just under £200 for an adult only Sunday seat, to £465 for a full weekend ticket in the best grandstand the circuit has to offer. To pick which one is the the best for you, read our ‘where to sit at Silverstone’ guide in full.

How much is parking at Silverstone?

Silverstone Park and Ride and Circuit Parking

Description Period Price
Circuit Parking Sunday £51
Circuit Parking Saturday £26
Circuit Parking Friday £16
M1 Park & Ride Parking Friday to Sunday £31

Why is the corner at Silverstone called maggots?

The opening section, Maggotts, was named not for the wriggly larvae but for nearby Maggot Moor. Becketts and Chapel Curve, meanwhile, take their names from the medieval chapel of St Thomas à Beckett, which was built in memory of the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury and once stood near to the corners.

Why are there 2 races at Silverstone?

The British Grand Prix was originally intended to be held on 19 July. When the calendar was redrafted following the pandemic the Hungarian Grand Prix and British Grand Prix had swapped dates with Hungary moving to 19 July and Silverstone taking the 2 August date, the originally planned date of the Hungarian race.

What are the corners at Silverstone called?

Silverstone corner names explained: Maggotts and Becketts, Aintree, Luffield and more.

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