How many 5 card poker hands having 3 Aces and 2 Kings are possible?

How many 5 card poker hands having 3 Aces and 2 Kings are possible?

24 5-

How many ways can you be dealt a poker hand consisting of 3 Aces and 2 Kings?

= (52*51*50*49*48)/(5*4*3*2*1) = (52*51*10*49*2) = 2,598,960.

How many 5 card hands that contain exactly 2 Aces and 3 Kings can be chosen from a 52 card deck there are 4 Aces and 4 Kings in the deck?

Explanation: There are 6 choices for the 2 Aces based on 4 suits in a standard deck: Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades. For each of these choices there are 4 choices for the 3 Kings (basically one choice for each suit not included). This gives a combination of 6×4=24 possible hands.

What is the probability that we draw 3 Aces and 2 Kings?

3! 2! =10 ways to order “AAAKK” so the probability of “3 aces and 2 kings” drawn from a 54 card deck is 10(4/54)(3/53)(2/52)(4/51)(3/50).

What is the probability of getting 3 aces?

(4/52 * 3/51 * 2/50) is the probability of getting the 3 aces.

How many 7 card hands will consist of exactly 3 Kings and 2 Queens?

Hence, there are: (43)(43)(447) ways to get 3 Kings, 3 Queens, and 7 Others.

How many 3 card hands can a 52-card deck have?

Question 708701: How many different 3 card hands can be drawn from a standard deck of 52 playing cards? 52*51*50=132,600 ANS.

How many different hands containing 4 Kings are possible?

Assuming a fair, well-shuffled deck, a standard 52-card deck with no jokers, we can calculate this as follows. There are 5 ways a hand can contain 4 kings, because that means there is one card in the hand that is not a king. The non-king can be the first card, or the second, …, or the fifth.

How many different 4 card hands are possible?

We determine the number of 4-card poker hands. In forming a 4-of-a-kind hand, there are 13 choices for the rank and only 1 choice for the 4 cards of the given rank. This implies there are precisely 13 4-of-a-kind hands….Abstract:

hand number Probability
pair 82,368 .3042
high card 177,408 .6553

Can 4 cards make a straight?

A four card straight is a straight, a four card flush is a flush, and a four card straight flush is a straight flush. Unlike the player, the dealer receives six cards to make their best 4-card poker hand.

How big is 52 factorial?

52! is approximately 8.0658e67. For an exact representation, view a factorial table or try a “new-school” calculator, one that understands long integers.

What percentage of 4 card hands contain three cards of the same kind?

The probability is thus 2496/270725 = . 00922 or about 0.92%.

How many poker 5 cards can be selected from a standard 52 card?


How many different 2 card hands are possible?

Essentials. There are 1326 distinct possible combinations of two hole cards from a standard 52-card deck in hold ’em, but since suits have no relative value in this poker variant, many of these hands are identical in value before the flop.

How many five-card poker hands consisting of all cards of the same suit are possible?

1287 possible

What is the probability of getting a full house in a 5 card poker hand?

Frequency of 5-card poker hands

Hand Distinct hands Cumulative probability
Full house 156 0.17%
Flush (excluding royal flush and straight flush) 1,277 0.367%
Straight (excluding royal flush and straight flush) 10 0.76%
Three of a kind 858 2.87%

How many was can you draw a 5 card hand from a standard 52 card deck all of the same suit ie a flush )?

How many 5 card hand dealt from a standard deck of 52 playing cards contain exactly the same suit? – Quora. If you want the probability of getting five cards of the same suit, i.e. a natural flush, it would be 13C5 * (4! / 3!) / 52C5 = 5148 / 2,598,960 = . 00198… or about 1 in 505.

How many possible 5 card poker hands are there the order of the cards doesn’t matter?

the number of ways of choosing an unordered set of 5 cards from a 52-card deck. Your 52! 47! is the number of ways to deal 5 cards: it counts each of the 5! =120 possible dealing orders of a given hand separately.

How many 7 card hands can a 13 card deck have?

There are 40 possibilities for the thirteenth card (because it can be anything except the ♦7, ♠K, ♣4, or any of the nine other cards already dealt). That means that the number of possible hands is 52×51×50×···×42×41×40 = 3954242643911239680000.

How many ways can you get a 4 aces hand in poker?

1 way

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