How many hours should you revise for GCSE?

How many hours should you revise for GCSE?

Theory 1 – Study Around 15-20 Hours per Week for Your GCSEs & A-Levels. The Student Room interviewed) a few students that came with some solid advice. One student recommends starting to revise around 2 months in advance of the exams.

How do I prepare for GCSE?

Preparing for GCSE Exams in June 2019: Revision Tips from GCSE Students

  1. Create a Timetable. The first step is to create a realistic plan for your revision.
  2. Organise each Subject.
  3. Know the Exam Requirements.
  4. Make Notes.
  5. Practice Past Papers.
  6. Look after your Body.
  7. Build Confidence.
  8. On GCSE Exam Day.

How many months do you need to revise for GCSEs?

You should begin revision at least six months in advance of your GCSE exams. The amount of time spent revising as well as the revision focus and dedication should increase at the three-month mark, then again at the one month mark and two-week mark.

What is the best way to revise?

17 Essential Revision Tips

  1. Start revising early.
  2. Plan your revision using a timetable.
  3. Don’t spend ages making your notes look pretty.
  4. Set up a nice, tidy study space.
  5. Vary your revision with different activities.
  6. Stick revision notes all around your house.
  7. Sleep on your exam notes (optional)

How many hours a day should I revise?

You should aim to revise for one to two hours a day, but it doesn’t have to be all in one go. In fact, taking breaks whilst revising is much more beneficial than just doing it all in one go. You give your brain a chance to rest, which is crucial to the success of your revision – and eventually exams.

Should you start revising for Gcses in year 10?

You really should start revising two or even three months before your GCSE exams – so ideally around the 10th of March.

How long should a Year 10 student study?

In order to demonstrate high competency or mastery of topics in English, Mathematics, and Science, students are expected to dedicate at least 12 to 15 hours of study each week.

What is the hardest subject at school?

Top Ten Hardest School Subjects

  • Physics. For the majority of people, physics is very tough because it is applying numbers to concepts that can be very abstract.
  • Foreign Language.
  • Chemistry.
  • Math.
  • Calculus.
  • English.
  • Biology.
  • Trigonometry.

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