How many pages is 800 words double spaced Times New Roman 12?

How many pages is 800 words double spaced Times New Roman 12?

A 800 word count will create about 1.6 pages single-spaced or 3.2 pages double-spaced when using normal margins (1″) and 12 pt.

How many pages is 850 words double spaced?

3.4 pages

What is so bad about Homestuck?

Homestuck cosplayers have a reputation for being insensitive, rude, elitist and sometimes unintelligent. Many cosplayers take the role of being “in-character” too seriously, or they over-exaggerate it. The characters in Homestuck, especially the trolls, can be quite rude.

What is the longest book ever written in English?

Marienbad My Love

Why is homestuck so good?

Think about it; Homestuck has time travel, literal internet stereotypes, shipping, characters that almost anyone can relate to, it has a text based game vibe, modern culture references, lots of reader influence and much more.

Can you read homestuck without flash?

The fourth in a series of “MS Paint Adventures” authored by Andrew Hussie from 2006 to 2016, it became wildly successful, in part because of its eclectic use of web technology like Adobe Flash and GIF animations. …

Does Gamzee kill karkat?

Gamzee and Karkat eventually become hostile to each other after Karkat and Kanaya watch Gamzee maim Terezi on LOFAF and charge at him, but to no avail as Gamzee uses Terezi’s cane to stab Karkat twice in the chest and drop him into the lava.

Who died the most in homestuck?

Dave is responsible for 5 of these. Dirk dies more than anyone if you include splinters, but if you don’t, that honor goes to Dave. Jack (unsurprisingly) kills more than anyone else, causing almost ¼ of all Homestuck Deaths.

Are karkat and Dave dating?

In the retconned timeline, Dave and Karkat developed a much closer relationship during the meteor trip, possibly due to not having to compete over Terezi. They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

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