How many passing yards did Peyton Manning have?

How many passing yards did Peyton Manning have?

NFL History – Leaders

1 Drew Brees 80,358
2 TOM BRADY 79,204
3 Peyton Manning 71,940

How many yards did Peyton Manning throw in the Super Bowl?

Manning now has 71,940 regular-season passing yards and also owns the record for the most passing touchdowns in a career (539 to Favre’s 508)….Peyton Manning Becomes 5th QB to Throw 1,000 Yards in Super Bowl History.

Peyton Manning Super Bowl Stats Indianapolis Colts
Chicago Bears
29-17 win

What QB has beaten Tom Brady the most?

Brady has a career record of 33-11 in the postseason, but just seven opposing quarterbacks are responsible for those 11 losses. The Manning brothers alone have beaten Brady five times in the postseason, and Joe Flacco is the only other quarterback to have taken multiple playoff wins against Brady.

Who do NFL players think is the goat?

Joe Montana admits the obvious: Tom Brady is the NFL’s GOAT Brady now has seven rings with two different teams, five Super Bowl MVP awards in 10 appearances, three MVP awards, a record 14 Pro Bowl selections and the NFL’s all-time record in passing touchdowns.

Is Peyton Manning considered a goat?

According to the website Hall of Fame Monitor, which was created by Pro Football reference, Peyton Manning is listed as the GOAT, ranking No. 1 for quarterbacks. The Hall of Fame Monitor ranking is determined by Pro Bowls, All-Pros, championships and additional milestones.

Is Peyton Manning the best ever?

He’s not trying to be remembered as one of the greatest ever, because he’s on the short list whether he wins this game or not. But Manning has within his grasp the honor of greatest quarterback ever, and to be given that seat among the NFL immortals, he can’t have a losing record in the Super Bowl.”

Why is Peyton Manning a good quarterback?

While Manning certainly possesses a variety of skills that make him a great quarterback, the biggest factor he brings to the Indianapolis Colts is consistency. He hasn’t missed a start in his entire career and he’s thrown for more than 3,700 yards and at least 26 TDs in each of his NFL campaigns.

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