How many times did Wilt Chamberlain score 70 points?

How many times did Wilt Chamberlain score 70 points?

Most Career 50-Point Games (118), 60-Point Games (32), 70-Point Games (6)

How many times did Wilt Chamberlain shoot in his 100 point game?

After all, Chamberlain was one of the worst free-throw shooters the NBA has ever seen—he shot 51.1 percent from the line on 11.4 attempts per game for his career—and it’s a serious aberration that he was able to knock down 28 of his 32 attempts from the charity stripe that night.

How many times did Wilt Chamberlain scored 50 points?

Most 50-Point Games

Player # Times
Wilt Chamberlain 118
Michael Jordan 31
Kobe Bryant 25
James Harden 23

Did Wilt Chamberlain get a quintuple double?

Wilt Chamberlain’s quintuple-double Wilt Chamberlain, on March 18th, 1968, completed the only quintuple-double in NBA history. Pollack recorded that Wilt finished the game with 53 Points, 32 Rebounds, 14 Assists, 24 Blocks, And 11 Steals.

How many turnovers did Kobe Bryant have?


Rank Player TOV
3. Moses Malone* 4264
4. John Stockton* 4244
5. Kobe Bryant* 4010
6. Jason Kidd* 4003

Who is the youngest NBA player to reach 30000 points?

On Dec. 7, 2012, history came calling for Bryant as he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 30,000 career points. Bryant entered the elite scoring club with a jumper during the first half against New Orleans.

Who is the 1st highest scoring NBA player?

NBA History – Points Leaders

Points Leaders
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 LeBRON JAMES 35,367

Where does LeBron rank in assists?

One of the few still active players on the list is LeBron James, who currently stands in eighth place with his 9,682 assists….NBA all-time assists leaders as of July 2021.

NBA player Number of assists
Magic Johnson 10,141
Oscar Robertson 9,887
LeBron James 9,696
Isiah Thomas 9,061

Where is Kobe on all time assist?

NBA All-Time Assists Leaders: Career Totals in the Regular Season – Top 50

Player Assists
Player Assists
31. Kobe Bryant 6,306
32. Jerry West 6,238
33. Scottie Pippen 6,135

Are John Stockton and Karl Malone friends?

Hall of Fame friends John Stockton and Karl Malone enjoyed some time together — and, thanks to Kay Malone, there are some fun photos to prove it. Stockton and Malone played together in Utah from 1985 through 2003, forming the greatest pick-and-roll pairing basketball has ever seen.

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