How many ways can 12 horses finish a race?

How many ways can 12 horses finish a race?

Given the identity of the horse that comes second, the horse that comes third can be any of the remaining 10 horses. So the number of different ways in which 1st, 2nd and 3rd can occur is 12 x 11 x 10 = 1,320.

How many different ways can 12 runners finish in the first five places of a race?

Since only one person can finish in first place, one in second, etc., the total number of placers is 12x11x10, or 1320 different ways the 12 racers can finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd….

How many different results are possible for horses to finish first second and third in a race with 9 horses?

336 possible

How many different ways can they finish 1st 2nd and 3rd?

7! There are 720 different outcomes possible in the race.

How many ways can you have 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th in a race with 10 runners?

Permutations are numbers arranged in a specific order. Therefore, there are 720 possible permutations in a race with 10 horses.

How many ways can 4 cars finish a race?

This question is answered by using the factorial formula. Therefore, the answer is 4! or 4*3*2*1 or 24. The correct answer is 24.

How many ways can 5 students line up for a picture?

5P5 = Arrangement of five different things = (5!)/(0!) = 120 ways.

How many ways can 10 students win a race?

10*9*8 or 720 ways.

How many ways can 6 persons be seated in 4 chairs?

So 6 choose 4 (where order doesn’t matter) yields 15 unique combinations. So there are 15 possible ways that 6 people can sit in 4 chairs.

What is permutation and combination with example?

The example of permutations is the number of 2 letter words which can be formed by using the letters in a word say, GREAT; 5P_2 = 5!/(5-2)! The example of combinations is in how many combinations we can write the words using the vowels of word GREAT; 5C_2 =5!/[2! (5-2)!]

How many ways can R Nel Arrange 5 books?

120 ways

How many ways can 3 be selected from 5?

So 5 choose 3 = 10 possible combinations.

How many ways can 6 students be seated in a row?

720 ways

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