How much can I sell my Bratz dolls for?

How much can I sell my Bratz dolls for?

Dolls made prior to 1990 can sell for up to $700. Those made after 1990 sell for closer to $100. Whether your model is from the ’60s or the ’90s, these can sell for around $100. If your action figures are from the ’60s, they can go for over $2,000, and the vehicles and accessories can be worth as much too.

How much is a 2001 Bratz doll worth?

-2001: First Edition Bratz (Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha) New in Box (NIB): $30-40 (Sasha tends to be more expensive and is the hardest to find. I got mine for about $30, so be patient and keep an eye out.)

Are Bratz dolls coming back in 2021?

Bratz dolls are coming back in summer 2021! And new 4 core Bratz dolls (Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade) along with first Bratz boy – Cameron will be released in 2021 collection – Bratz 20 Yearz Special Edition. Now 20 years later, you can collect replicas of the original dolls.

Is Yasmin from Bratz Arab?

Trivia. Yasmin as a girl’s name is of Arabic and Persian origin meaning “jasmine flower”. Yasmin, like Cloe, plays a main role. She’s the second most purchased Bratz Character and thus she and Cloe have appeared in at least 180 collections whilst Sasha and Jade probably a little bit over 100.

What race are all the Bratz?

However, launching a range of dolls that were made up of 75% ethnic minorities is exactly what Bratz did. The original Bratz clique included a Caucasian doll named Cloe, an African American doll named Sasha, a Latinx doll named Yasmin, and an Asian doll named Jade.

Is Yasmin Persian or Latina?

Yasmin (given name)

Yasmin pictured
Pronunciation jɑːsmiːn
Gender Female
Word/name From the Persian word for Jasmine, Yas flower

What zodiac sign is Yasmin from Bratz?

☽ YASMIN: Pisces, Gemini, Cancer ☽.

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