How much do coon skins sell for?

How much do coon skins sell for?

Raccoon – There is an abundant supply of raccoon pelts in cold storage throughout North America, and demand for most coons continues to be low. The biggest and best prime coons may bring more than $10, middle of the road coon may average $5, and small or low quality coons will bring $1-3, if they sell at all.

How much are animal pelts worth?

Expect the usual $10 to $15 for a good, big, heavy pelt. However, that market suggest that there has been some change for the better, at least some of the past year’s collections have sold and we may see more demand for heavy, prime raccoon pelt with (hopefully) some increase in prices.

How much do coyote furs sell for?

The best Western coyotes averaged $77, a considerable drop from last year’s prices, but still a bright spot in an otherwise poor market. Lower quality Western coyotes went for $30-40, and the rest of the coyotes offered were mainly unsold. The few that did sell didn’t do well.

What is the most expensive kind of fur?

Russian sable fur is the most valuable, luxurious, and lavish material. It is the most expensive fur, particularly when there is a wealth of silver hair. They usually have a brown color with a silver cast. The value and quality of sable furs vary from region to region.

How much are wolverine pelts worth?

The average wolverine pelt is worth slightly more, about $250.

How much is mink pelt worth?

The average male pelt costs $60, the pelt of a female – prized for its lighter weight and silkiness – is $65. (Between 50 and 60 pelts go into a full-length mink coat, which retails for between $7,500 and $15,000.)

Are muskrat furs worth anything?

“Muskrat can be dyed and used to make coats that resemble mink,” Mott said. Muskrat finery can run $1,300 to $4,000. In general, back fur is used for coats and hats, and belly fur for trim. Rats, as trappers call them, have never fetched a higher price.

How much is a bear pelt worth?

Typically, hides will cost around $6 per inch measured from the nose to the base of the tail. This puts the average bear (5 to 6 feet square) costing between $250 and $300 for the finished product.

How much can you sell a bear hide for?

How much is a bear hide worth? Depends on size, how it is skinned, whether it is salted, color, and condition of the fur. Top end is going to be around $300ish — Plain old 200lb, 5.5′ black is going to fetch $150-175ish if properly skinned, turned, and salted.

How much is a perfect black bear pelt worth?

Black Bear Parts & Crafting Materials

Material: Sell Price:
Perfect Black Bear Fur $3.50
Big Game Meat $0.75
Black Bear Claw $0.60
Animal Fat $0.25

Can you hide from a bear?

A bear is able to run over 40 mph (64 km/h), so don’t harbor notions of outrunning the bear! Equally, never hide in something as flimsy as a tent. However, if you’re attacked by a black/sloth bear (unless it’s very big) or a smaller bear, don’t climb a tree, as they can climb very easily.

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