How much HP does a 318 V8 have?

How much HP does a 318 V8 have?

The 318 four-barrel, used on police pursuit and other cars, produed 165 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque.

How good is the Dodge 318 engine?

The Good And The BadIn terms of durability, the Mopar 318 is robust. The bottom end of most 318 engines used a cast-iron crankshaft, and though these are not as desirable as a forged crank, the cast-iron piece has proven to be very reliable.

How much HP can a 360 Mopar handle?

Parts availability is almost as good as the small-block Chevy, if a little more expensive. It’s pretty easy to get 400 HP from a Mopar 360 using mostly stock type parts. With the right modifications, you can get up to 500 HP on pump gas without nitrous or other power adders.

Will a 360 intake fit a 318?

Aside from those changes, there is zero difference between the manifolds for 318, or 360. Manifolds just vary slightly according to year of manufacture. So if I were to get a ’98 318 magnum intake, it should have the correct thermostat holes and be good to go.

Can you use 340 intake on a 318 engine?

Yes, you can port match, but it does work much better to build a 318 well so the 340/360 parts work well on it. I have even seen people with 4×4’s to use 318 heads on their 340/360 to try for better low end torque.

What is the best year for Dodge Ram?

It has had a storied history filled with as many accolades as any other truck manufacturer. It has shown that it is a reliable machine and will make its owners happy above the market average. So, the best years for Dodge Ram 1500 would have to be 2006, 2011, or 2020.

What size motor is a 5.2 L?

Basic Specifications Dodge’s 5.2-liter engine features a V-type eight-cylinder construction with a 318-cubic inch displacement. The 5.2-liter 318 CID is a lightweight, single cam engine with hydraulic roller tappets.

How can I make my 5.7 Hemi Ram faster?

Performance Steps to Take to Make My RAM HEMI Really Fast

  1. Install a new high-flow, washable air filter in place of the restrictive factory filter.
  2. Replace the stock exhaust with a larger diameter unit and less restrictive muffler to reduce engine back pressure.
  3. Add a turbo kit for the ultimate performance upgrade.

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