How much is Pavel Datsyuk worth?

How much is Pavel Datsyuk worth?

Pavel Datsyuk is a Russian ice hockey player which has an estimated net worth of $47 million.

Who is the highest paid KHL player?

Jaskin had a career year last season for Moscow Dynamo, recording 31 goals and 32 assists in just 58 games. The league’s richest contract goes to Moscow Dynamo’s Vadim Shipachev at 120 million rubles, or $1,757,011 USD.

How good was Pavel Datsyuk?

Datsyuk amassed a pile of hardware during his 14 NHL seasons. He won or tied for Detroit’s scoring lead six consecutive seasons (2003-10) and twice was among the NHL’s top five scorers, with consecutive 97-point seasons in ’07-08 and ’08-09. In 953 career games, he had 314 goals and 604 assists.

Is Pavel Datsyuk still playing hockey?

Datsyuk announced his retirement from the NHL on June 18, 2016, after playing 953 games, to return to his native Russia. “Pavel is getting slower with age, but his skill and vision are still there,” Milstein said.

What number is Pavel Datsyuk?

13Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg / Centerman

Is Pavel Datsyuk in NHL 21?

Jaromir Jagr & Pavel Datsyuk– Let’s open with the subtractions first. It’s been a couple of years since either were featured in the main roster, but they’ve both been in the game somewhere until this year. Put Orr in the game. …

How many career points does Pavel Datsyuk have?


Season GP P
NHL Career 953 918

How old is Datsyuk?

42 years (20 July 1978)

How long was Pavel Datsyuk career?

14-year career

Why did Pavel Datsyuk leave the NHL?

Since Datsyuk’s NHL rights are owned by the Coyotes, the Red Wings cannot publicly comment. Datsyuk starred for 14 seasons with the Wings before leaving after the 2015-16 season to be closer to his daughter in Russia.

Did patsel Datsyuk win Stanley Cup?

Datsyuk career started slowly as he was on a loaded Detroit team. Once he finally got going though he has been an unstoppable force. He is a four-time Selke award winner and regularly leads the league in takeaways. He has won the Lady Byng Trophy four times and the Stanley Cup twice.

Did Zetterberg retire?

On September 14, 2018, Red Wings general manager Ken Holland announced that due to a degenerative back condition, Zetterberg would be unable to continue with his NHL career. However, due to Zetterberg having 3 years left on his contract at the time of the announcement, he is not fully retired.

Why did Nicklas Lidstrom retire?

He plans to move his family to Sweden and hopes to have an off-ice role with the Red Wings. “Retiring today allows me to walk away with pride, rather than have the game walk away from me,” said Lidstrom, whose oldest of four sons went to Sweden two years ago to attend school and play hockey.

How old is Zetterberg?

40 years (9 October 1980)

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