How much liquid Vitamin C should I give my guinea pig?

How much liquid Vitamin C should I give my guinea pig?

There are many different brands of liquid vitamin C sold in health food stores. Most have about 250 mg per teaspoon so a dose of 1/8 teaspoon a day is right for a guinea pig if needed.

Is too much vitamin C bad for guinea pigs?

It is wise to routinely provide extra vitamin C to an ill guinea pig. Excess vitamin C is excreted through the urine and not absorbed by the body. Long-term supplementation of over 100 mg per day should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Can guinea pigs drink homemade juice?

Guinea pig can have unsweetened apple juice and unsweetened cranberry juice. In fact, even unsweetened juices need to be diluted before you let them drink it. Their bottle should have no more than half juice, and the rest should be clean water.

Can you give guinea pigs vitamin C drops?

Oasis Vita-Drops for guinea pigs are a convenient way to assure your guinea pigs (also known as cavies) are receiving their daily intake of vitamin C. Consumption of vitamin C each and every day is vital to promote normal growth and development and prevent the disease known as scurvy.

How do I make sure my guinea pig has enough vitamin C?

Fresh greens are a great source of vitamin C which is important for your pigs. Try to give your guinea pigs a different mix of fresh veg each day. Introduce new foods to your guinea pigs slowly over a week – any sudden changes to their diet could upset their stomachs.

How do I give my guinea pig vitamin C drops?

Add 2 drops to each ounce of drinking water (i.e. 32 drops per 16 ounce water bottle). Change the water daily since Vitamin C is quickly oxidized, especially when exposed to sunlight. For Food: randomly scatter 8 drops of Vita-Drops directly onto the surface of the daily food ration.

What happens if a guinea pig doesn’t get vitamin C?

A pig suffering from vitamin C deficiency may appear weak and lethargic, have difficulty moving, lose weight and stop eating, display a rough coat, or have diarrhea. Some pigs might have internal bleeding. You may also notice a small exterior wound bleeding excessively or not healing correctly.

How can I boost my guinea pigs immune system?

Guinea pigs lack the enzyme to synthesise the vitamin, so therefore it can only be provided via diet. Good sources of Vitamin C, according to the PDSA are salad peppers, tomatoes (do not give the leaves), spinach, asparagus, broccoli and leafy greens. The PDSA also advise that Vitamin C supplements can be used.

Can scurvy kill guinea pigs?

Soiled and wet bedding can cause many health problems. Vitamin C: This is extremely important with Guinea pigs because like humans, they can not produce their own and can develop scurvy, a life threatening disease.

What causes scurvy in guinea pigs?

Why are guinea pigs prone to scurvy? ingesting vitamin C in their diet. If guinea pigs are not provided with a diet high enough in vitamin C then they are at risk of developing Scurvy.

Can you kiss your guinea pig?

Avoid catching a disease from your guinea pig by instructing the entire family in safe handling guidelines. Teach children not to kiss guinea pigs or put them up to their faces, not to rub their nose or eyes when handling a guinea pig and to thoroughly wash their hands as soon as the guinea pig goes back in his cage.

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