How much miles per gallon does a 1997 Ford Explorer get?

How much miles per gallon does a 1997 Ford Explorer get?

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1997 Ford Explorer 4WD
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Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 15 combined city/highway MPG 14 city 18 highway 6.7 gals/100 miles
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How many miles does a 1997 Ford Explorer last?

An average Ford Explorer can easily achieve 80,000 to 200,000 miles. If you visit Explorer forums, you will find several examples of users with over 300k miles on the odometer.” It’s a great investment if anyone is sick of making car payments.

What is a 1997 Ford Explorer worth?

1997 Ford Explorer Value – $325-$2,436 | Edmunds.

What is best year for Ford Explorer?

The two best years for the Ford Explorer are 2010 and 2011. The 2010 Ford Explorer is a little older but has a very reliable engine. 2011 is much the same but has more modern features that many people find useful. Both older and more recent models have several noteworthy issues.

Should I buy 2021 Ford Explorer?

Highs Smooth and controlled ride, cargo friendly interior design, comfortable front seats. Lows Third row space is tight, plasticky interior bits, most desirable models are pricey. Verdict The Explorer is a well-rounded three-row SUV with a few compromises, but it’s overall a decent choice in a crowded segment.

Does the 2021 Ford Explorer have transmission problems?

Service Bulletin #SSM 49329 states that the transmission creates faults leading to diagnostic trouble codes, an illuminated wrench light and intermittent crank issues. At this point, it would be safe to say that the 2021 Explorer is the “ultimate exploration vehicle” of the dealership’s service department.

Why is Ford Explorer so popular?

Because the Ford Explorer offers true four-wheel drive capabilities, it can go further than it’s competition both on and off the road. Its competition only offers all-wheel drive, which can be helpful in adverse conditions, but it’s also limiting.

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