How old is Ginny Weasley in the Chamber of Secrets?

How old is Ginny Weasley in the Chamber of Secrets?

The author has said that Ginny’s birthday is 11 August 1981, which actually makes her almost exactly one year younger than Harry (whose birthday is 31 July 1980) and 17 months younger than Ron (whose birthday is 1 March 1980).

How old was Ginny in Order of the Phoenix?

Ginny is the youngest Weasley child. She’s fourteen now – a year below Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Is Ginny older than Harry?

Ginny specifies that she is 3 years older than Harry was when Harry faced Voldemort at the end of his first-year. So when Harry faced Voldemort in 1992, he was 11 years old. The battle at Department of Mysteries happens in 1996, when Ginny was 14 years old. So she is three years older than how old Harry was back then.

Did Ginny and Neville date?

It’s true that Ginny wasn’t Neville’s first choice. He did ask Hermione to the ball, only to learn she already had a date. Though it’s never stated, it would make sense that Neville would have a crush on Hermione. With Ginny though there’s not even a suggestion they know each other until Goblet of Fire.

Is there going to be a Harry Potter movie in 2020?

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child movie update is expected to be sometime in late 2020.

Is Daniel Radcliffe in the cursed child?

Rowling writes the series under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. According to We Got This Covered, Radcliffe will only be a part of The Cursed Child if Rowling isn’t involved. Insiders say he wants to distance himself from the Harry Potter author after her controversial statements.

What is Daniel Radcliffe doing now?

Now a 31-year-old, Daniel Radcliffe is obviously still acting and doing some great stuff, between indie darlings like Swiss Army Man or his satire Miracle Workers.

Why did they change the Fat Lady in Harry Potter?

However, Spriggs’ portrayal was brief and rather rigid in blithely asking for the prefect’s password, so before the character would return to enjoy a little more light-hearted screen time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the actress was replaced with someone experienced in being funny.

Why Harry Potter was not dead?

Harry didn’t die because Voldemort used Harry’s blood to resurrect himself, taking Harry’s mother’s protection inside him. This made it so Voldemort can touch Harry, but it also tied Harry to life for as long as Voldemort lives.

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