How old is Willie in Master Harold?

How old is Willie in Master Harold?

The powerful, award-winning “Master Harold,” a 90-minute autobiographically-based drama set in one rainy afternoon in 1950, is about Hally (aka Master Harold), a 17-year-old Afrikaner white boy, and Sam and Willy, two middle-aged black servants employed by Hally’s family.

What is the significance of Sam taking off his waiter’s jacket in this scene from Fugard’s Master Harold and the Boys?

What is the significance of Sam taking off his waiter’s jacket in this scene from Fugard’s “Master Harold”…and the Boys? It accentuates Sam’s warning that someday the two of them will be equals. It illustrates Sam’s sense of duty and his subservience to his white employers.

Who is Willie in Master Harold?

Casting history

Production/Role Hally Willie
1982 Original Broadway Lonny Price Danny Glover
2003 Broadway Revival Christopher Denham Michael Boatman
2012 South African Revival Alex Middlebrook Themba Mchunu
2013 South African Revival (in Afrikaans) Hennie Jacobs Christo Davids

Who is the character Master Harold based on?

like being in a dream about a world in which accidents don’t happen . . . it’s beautiful because that is what we want life to be like.” The character of Sam is based on Sam Semela, a Basuto (a tribe of people who live in the Lesotho region of South Africa) who worked for Fugard’s family for fifteen years.

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