How wide is a 2008 Ford Fusion?

How wide is a 2008 Ford Fusion?


Can 5 people fit in Ford Fusion?

The Ford Fusion seats 5 people. Once inside, they’ll be greeted with plenty of space and technology features to make their trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Do rear seats fold down in Ford Fusion?

60/40 fold-down split rear seat-back.

Does 2020 Ford Fusion SE have heated seats?

Includes SE features, plus: Heated front seats. Leather-wrapped steering wheel. 11-speaker premium audio system.

What’s the difference between Ford Fusion SE and Titanium?

Performance. Running on the Duratec technology, a 2.5 L engine is standard in the 2018 Fusion SE. This naturally aspirated engine produces slightly more than 170 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. Powered by a single-scroll turbocharger, the Titanium’s 2.0 L EcoBoost engine has a maximum output of 245 hp.

What’s the difference between a Ford Fusion SE and SEL?

What is the difference? Expect the Fusion SEL to look and feel just a bit more luxurious than the Fusion SE. Unlike the SE trim, it features LED headlamps. Upgraded ActiveX seating material gives the cabin a plusher feel.

What is the difference between Ford Fusion models?

The 2019 Ford Fusion provides comfort and convenience in every trim. The base S trim includes practical features you need for a successful trip, while the SE and SEL trims add upgraded infotainment and technology features. Note that each trim level adds features to the previous model.

What does Ford Fusion SEL mean?

Special Edition Limited

What is the top of the line Ford Fusion?

Ford Fusion Titanium The range-topping Fusion Titanium starts at $34,450. It comes with a 245-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo-four engine.

Are Ford Fusions good in the snow?

The Ford Fusion can drive on icy roads. Its low ride height minimizes rollover risk and makes your car easier to control on icy surfaces. You also have traction control, ABS, ESC, and other great features that make driving on ice safer.

Do Ford Fusions come in AWD?

Ford’s AWD is a very intuitive, incredibly adept, Intelligent All Wheel Drive technology, and the Ford Fusion SE with the All Wheel Drive Package with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine for $2,590 is the best, most economical way to be driving it this winter.

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