How would you describe a cemetery?

How would you describe a cemetery?

Here are some adjectives for cemetery: peaceful coral, new and semi-rural, prodigious central, centuries-old gray, conventional open, strange and very ancient, shabby sectarian, small nondenominational, sarreal, remarkably large and populous, narrower walled, vast and cloistered, extensive armenian, little waterval.

What are graveyard words?

other words for graveyard

  • burial ground.
  • cemetery.
  • necropolis.
  • God’s acre.
  • boneyard.
  • charnel house.
  • memorial park.

What can you smell in a graveyard?

cut grass, stone, newly turned earth, fresh flowers on graves, perfume/aftershave mingling on the air from other mourners, smells associated with seasons (crisp air in the winter, rain and rot in early spring or late fall…

What are some strong quotes?

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.” “The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

How do you say to stay strong?

Better Ways to Say ‘Stay Strong’ After a Heartbreak

  1. You deserve much better than this.
  2. I know this hurts right now, but it’s not forever.
  3. Whatever you decide, I’m here to support you.
  4. Heartache hurts, and I’m sorry you’re going through this.
  5. You’ve been handling this so well.
  6. I’m so proud of your strength.

How do you send an encouragement message?


  1. “You got this.”
  2. “Good luck today!
  3. “Sending major good vibes your way.”
  4. “I know this won’t be easy, but I also know you’ve got what it takes to get through it.”
  5. “Hope you’re doing awesome!”
  6. “Time to go kick cancer’s ass!”
  7. “Keep on keeping on!”

How do I motivate him over text?

Affirmation Texts Supporting Him In Tough Times

  1. I trust you.
  2. I believe in you.
  3. I am always here for you.
  4. I have faith in your ability to persevere.
  5. I will be with you every step of the way.
  6. No matter what, we will get through this together.
  7. Together we can win because we make a great team.

How do you encourage positive?

  1. #1 Acknowledge Their Goals. Start with knowing your child’s goals.
  2. #2 Focus on the Effort.
  3. #3 Echo Them.
  4. #4 Use Descriptive Praise.
  5. #5 Ask Questions.
  6. #6 Say “Thank You!”
  7. #7 Be Sincere and Pay Attention.
  8. #8 Inquire Appreciatively.

Why do graveyards smell?

In a typical European and North American cemetery bodies are mostly embalmed (unless there is a religious stricture). The bodies decompose but very slowly. These days, course, bodies are typically in sealed caskets, which helps contain odor. In addition, modern mausoleums are vented so smells don’t build up.

Do coffins smell?

Not always, it depends on the specific instance. obviously decomposed bodies smell, and sometimes when bodies are moved they release smells.

Do mortuaries smell?

Surprisingly enough, there are relatively few times that the whole embalming process, from arrival of a corpse to disposition of the embalmed body, creates an unpleasant odor. Embalming fluid, in and of itself, has a very low odor characteristic, especially once it’s been injected.

Do mausoleums stink?

Do Mausoleums Smell? This is actually a pretty common question, and the answer is no, mausoleums do not smell. Well-kept mausoleums run angled drain pipes from the crypts. So even if there is gas or any other leakage coming from a casket (fun fact: this is known as casket “burping”), it does not cause a problem.

Do bodies explode in caskets?

Once a body is placed in a sealed casket, the gases from decomposing cannot escape anymore. As the pressure increases, the casket becomes like an overblown balloon. However, it’s not going to explode like one. But it can spill out unpleasant fluids and gasses inside the casket.

What happens to a body in a mausoleum?

In a mausoleum, the decomposition process is occurring above ground (note that even if a body is embalmed, it will decompose eventually). In some cases, fluids from decomposition can leak out of the crypt and be seen from the outside.

Why do bodies not smell in a mausoleum?

Mausoleums are designed not to smell’ A body placed into a crypt will dehydrate and become like a leather mummy. Whereas a body buried will decompose. However. the body placed in a crypt can decompose and that could be what you smell.

What does dead human body smell like?

The gases and compounds produced in a decomposing body emit distinct odors. While not all compounds produce odors, several compounds do have recognizable odors, including: Cadaverine and putrescine smell like rotting flesh. Skatole has a strong feces odor.

How are bodies prepared for cremation?

How is the body prepared for cremation? Usually, the body is bathed, cleaned, and dressed before identification. There is no embalming unless you have a public viewing or you request it. Next, the technician removes jewelry or other items that you would like to keep.

Are all bodies cremated individually?

Do they cremate multiple bodies at once? No they don’t. In the UK the Code insists that each cremation is carried out separately. Furthermore the aperture (opening/door) of cremator in which the coffins are place is only big enough to accept one coffin.

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